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Media Blast has a New Website!

At Media Blast & Abrasive we’re committed to offering you the very best products and service. To that end, we’re proud to announce that the new Media Blast® website is now live!

3 Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

A Sandcarving cabinet is a piece of machinery used for sandblasting and carving designs into glass, wood, and other materials. It consists of a dust collector, a sandblast gun, and a protective cabinet to contain the dust and debris created by the Sandcarving process. Most are Direct Pressure but we also manufacturer Siphon for Surface Etching.

How Cabinet Media Blasters Eliminate Blast Rooms

Did you know some media blasters, also called blasting cabinets, can be used to blast large parts instead of blasting rooms?

4 Light Duty Sand Blaster Cabinet Mistakes to Avoid

Media Blast & Abrasive’s sand blaster cabinet line has been manufactured in the USA since the company was started almost a half-century ago. We know the difference between a quality, light duty machine and a “sight seller” cabinet. Sight sellers are sand blaster cabinets marketed online that appear to meet all the requirements a user would want. Unfortunately, they often fall short after delivery with poor abrasive recycling and creating a mess around the cabinet.

Blasting Cabinet Filter Maintenance Explained

Blasting cabinet filters can be one of three types: Air Inlet Filters, Air Regulator Filter, and Dust Collector Filters. Dust Collector filters come in two main materials: cloth filters or cartridge filters. Dust Collector Filters are the most important. The 3 Types of Blasting Cabinet Filters Air Inlet Filters keep the dust and abrasive inside the cabinet. They also allow the dust collector blower to bring clean air into the cabinet creating visibility. Always remember to…

How Cartridge Filters Improve the Efficiency of Machine DDC

First there were tubular cloth dust bags, second there were enveloped cloth dust bags yielding about 10 times the filter area in the same footprint. Finally came cartridge filters which double the filter area of envelope dust bags. More dust filter area means fewer dust collector cleaning cycles per day. Which means less dust collector maintenance and higher machine output. Increased filter dust storage can improve dust collector efficiency by slowing down the speed of…

Micro Abrasive Industrial Sandblast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & Abrasive created the Micro Industrial Line of industrial sandblast cabinets specifically for applications to replace the slow part processing pencil blaster that do not recycle abrasive, have a low slow production output, and requires the same single person labor to operate each pencil blaster you may have to keep up with daily production increases. If you have more than one pencil blaster you need to look at the PrecisionBlast Direct Pressure Abrasive Micro…

Choosing the right Window Slope for your Mediablaster Cabinet

Media Blast® offers multiple window slopes on Wet and Dry Industrial Blasting Cabinets. This is because the wrong window slope can make it very hard to operate your mediablaster®. Which slope is right for you? It depends on the part you’re processing. Max Window Slope Mediablaster  One of our window slope angles is the most angled. This makes it easier it is to see low height parts on the work grate surface just in front…

Wet Blasters: Industrial Vapor Blast Cabinets vs. Light Duty Wet Blasters

At Media Blast & Abrasives we make both kinds of vapor blast cabinets: Industrial and Light Duty. Industrial cabinets are designed to operate on a production capacity daily duty cycle (DDC). This means the machines are able to run longer intervals between maintenance and process more parts in a shorter time frame. Light Duty wet sandblast cabinets are built to operate in shorter durations and process smaller batches of parts. 3 Benefits of Industrial Vapor…

Benefits of using Glass Window Protectors on Mediablaster® Cabinets

All Media Blast & Abrasive operator view windows are made of Safety Glass and our glass window protectors are included and standard on all operator view windows except on our wet mediablasters®. Why do we use glass instead of plastic? Glass gives users the best return on investment at the most reasonable cost. ProTip: To extend the life of your operator view windows, direct most of the abrasive away from the window. This is easier…