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Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained

The less you pay for a sandblasting cabinet the more blast cabinet maintenance it will require and the more parts it will wear out.  This is because normally the more you pay for a machine the larger the dust collector and the better the machine parts are permitting higher daily usage with larger and faster gun and nozzle sizes. Continue reading Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained

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Dust Collector Maintenance

Most abrasive cabinet upkeep is related to the dust collector maintenance. The dust collector, a critical component of the machine, stores the dust and spent abrasive as well as the material being removed from the part. Purchasing a dust collector that cannot scale with the production model is one of the biggest pain points customers express. Continue reading Dust Collector Maintenance

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Bottom Line Benefits of Siphon Nozzle Maintenance

Regularly replacing the nozzle on your siphon blast cabinet is a quick and easy way to save money by reducing production time and maintaining optimal productivity. How can something so simple make such a difference to your bottom line? Siphon machines are nozzle critical, meaning that the condition of the siphon nozzle greatly impacts the productivity of the machine. This is because the abrasive’s velocity and direction are hugely dependent on a specific design formula for the compressed air being used as it relates to the size of the nozzle itself. Continue reading Bottom Line Benefits of Siphon Nozzle Maintenance