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8 Rules for Recycling Abrasive in Blast Cabinets

Recycling abrasive to be used again and again is unique to abrasive blast cabinets. Recycling isn’t possible if you’re performing portable blasting without a containment cabinet. So, how many times can abrasive be recycled? This is a very hard question to answer as an absolute because the number of recycles depends on many variables factors which can extend or shorten any abrasive recycle rate we’ve published at the end of this article. The more you know about your application, the more accurately you can determine how long to use any abrasive. Continue reading 8 Rules for Recycling Abrasive in Blast Cabinets

Ikonics Imaging MBA Sandcarving Seminar 2017

Sandcarving Seminar: April 22-23, 2017

This professional-level, hands-on sandcarving seminar hosted by IKONICS Imaging will educate students in the art and business of creating high-profit, etched products for a wide array of industries including awards & engraving, corporate gifts, promotional & personalization items, memorials, weddings, barware and so much more! Continue reading Sandcarving Seminar: April 22-23, 2017

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Soda Blasting Basics

Soda Blasting involves one of the softer abrasive blasting materials, rating an average 2.4 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness (1-10). Most abrasive blasting cabinets aim to maximize abrasive recycles and minimizing dust collector service, and for this reason most sandblasting uses harder abrasives like plastic and glass beads. Soda blasting is the exception, a one-time-use abrasive, used for special applications when recycling abrasive is not important. Continue reading Soda Blasting Basics

CrystalBlast® Elite Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Elite abrasive blasting cabinet is an innovative, ergonomically correct sandcarving solution. This unique machine comes standard with a 700 cfm exhaust blower and patented separator reclaimer which prevents the loss of even the smallest abrasive, including the 240 mesh commonly used for half-tone sand carving. Its extensive list of standard operating features puts the CrystalBlast Elite in a class of its own.  Continue reading CrystalBlast® Elite Blast Cabinet Spotlight

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9 Reasons Your Boss Wants Micro Flow Controls

An important component of the abrasive blasting industry is micro flow controls incorporated into cabinets. Micro flow controls allow ultra-precise abrasive flow delivery, not about the size of the cabinet itself. Some manufactures think that just placing a small nozzle on any blasting cabinet will accomplish micro flow delivery, but that’s the quickest way create a nonfunctioning sandblasting cabinet. (Think of 500 people in a building all trying to exit out of a single doorway.) Continue reading 9 Reasons Your Boss Wants Micro Flow Controls

Precision Blast micro abrasive blasting cabinet

Precision Blast Micro Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

The Precision Blast Micro abrasive blasting cabinet increases production and reduces abrasive usage using patented abrasive recycle that allows only dust to enter the dust collector. The cost saved in recycling abrasive alone is a significant benefit of this machine. Another factor that drives people to purchase this model is the small machine footprint, which accommodates both smaller laboratories and larger production facilities. Continue reading Precision Blast Micro Abrasive Blasting Cabinet