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5 Common Blast Cabinet Dust Collector Problems

Almost all blasting cabinet dust collector problems are related to one of the conditions we examine in this post. Most people buy these machines based on budget and not the machine’s application. This is a mistake. First, an abrasive blasting cabinet’s use can, and probably will, change over time due to an increase in production or simply finding more uses for the machine. Second, if you buy a machine based on cost, you are likely not matching your needs to the blast cabinet’s capabilities. This often results in a variety of issues, including dust collector problems, and ultimately it often negatively affects productivity. Continue reading 5 Common Blast Cabinet Dust Collector Problems

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Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained

The less you pay for a sandblasting cabinet the more blast cabinet maintenance it will require and the more parts it will wear out.  This is because normally the more you pay for a machine the larger the dust collector and the better the machine parts are permitting higher daily usage with larger and faster gun and nozzle sizes. Continue reading Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained