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Blizzard Stage III Soda Blasting System

2018 Media Blast Model & Feature Updates

Since the 1970s, Media Blast and Abrasive, Inc. has manufactured 100% American-made abrasive blast cabinets. Over the years, we’ve put together one of the largest, most complete lines of wet and dry blast cabinets offered for the fully equipped home shop through Industrial Production. To this day, we remain dedicated to supplying customers with superior quality, workmanship and dependability with every piece of sandblasting equipment we build. To that end, we’re continually innovating new models and improving our existing machines. 2017 has been no exception, and we’re proud to debut several new products and features just in time for the New Year. Continue reading 2018 Media Blast Model & Feature Updates

IKONICS: Superior Photoresist Films for Sandcarving

IKONICS photoresist films

Nestled in the heart of the Northland, IKONICS has been an international leader of imaging technologies for more than 65 years. Made in America and distributed globally, IKONICS Imaging supplies customers an unmatched line of photoresist films, sandcarvers, automated washout units, crystal products, and training. Continue reading IKONICS: Superior Photoresist Films for Sandcarving

assorted maintenance tools

Dust Collector Maintenance

Most abrasive cabinet upkeep is related to the dust collector maintenance. The dust collector, a critical component of the machine, stores the dust and spent abrasive as well as the material being removed from the part. Purchasing a dust collector that cannot scale with the production model is one of the biggest pain points customers express. Continue reading Dust Collector Maintenance

Media Blast Cabinet Costs Explained

When you boil it down, blast cabinet costs are determined by cleaning speed, frictional heat created, the dust collector size and maintenance costs. If you’re comparing two machine models, and one is much less expensive than the other, here are three things you should consider. Doing your due diligence before you buy could save you time and money in the long run. Continue reading Media Blast Cabinet Costs Explained

Power Peen 3636

Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Power Peen abrasive blast cabinet is a Direct Pressure blast machine designed for Production applications, which we classify as planned machine operation of one or more hours each day. It is designed to use heavy blasting media to achieve the high frictional heat required in through-hole part blasting and blind-hole cleaning. The Power Peen machine model requires 25 to 80 cfm of compressed air and includes a 1.0 cubic foot ASME coded Pressure Pot complete with pressure pot access port for service. Continue reading Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

Hailstorm Blog Title

The Hailstorm by Media Blast is a direct pressure sandblast cabinet designed for use with plastic abrasive and includes many features specific to working with this abrasive medium. This means you don’t need to rely on information about upgrades or adding additional options to a direct pressure machine to make it work correctly using plastic abrasive. The Hailstorm will also work with many other abrasive types but specifically designed for plastic media. This media blaster is ideal for production applications, those that require one or more hours of daily operation. Continue reading Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

What Abrasive Should I Use in my Blast Cabinet?

Not all blast cabinets are created equally and abrasive selection is very much dependent on the application and machine at hand. Whether you’re doing aerospace engineering or cleaning a car part, using the right abrasive in the right machine is key to the success of your project. If you aren’t sure you have the right machine, check out our buying guide to confirm you have the right cabinet. Continue reading What Abrasive Should I Use in my Blast Cabinet?

Power Strip Direct Pressure Cabinet

PowerStrip Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet

The PowerStrip by Media Blast is a direct pressure blast cabinet that uses a pressure pot assembly to create direct pressure abrasive delivery. It also includes a pneumatic conveyor that removes the abrasive from the cabinet each time it exits the blasting nozzle. This design allows any pressure pot size to be used to extend pot run time before the pot needs to be re-filled.

Continue reading PowerStrip Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet