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Blizzard Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Blizzard Soda Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Blizzard abrasive cabinet is specifically designed to operate with single-use soda abrasive, also known as bicarbonate, and single-use wheat start abrasives. Media Blast makes all its machines with 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive in the workspace. The patented used soda pre-separator system design collects the used soda before it enters the dust collector, significantly reducing dust collector maintenance. Continue reading Blizzard Soda Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

Power Strip Direct Pressure Cabinet

PowerStrip Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet

The PowerStrip by Media Blast is a direct pressure blast cabinet that uses a pressure pot assembly to create direct pressure abrasive delivery. It also includes a pneumatic conveyor that removes the abrasive from the cabinet each time it exits the blasting nozzle. This design allows any pressure pot size to be used to extend pot run time before the pot needs to be re-filled.

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Siphon Abrasive Delivery vs. Direct Pressure

The first dry blasting machines relied on siphon abrasive delivery method which uses a gun to siphon, or pull, the abrasive to the blasting nozzle where it is then boosted in particle velocity and injected into the cabinet. Think of this like using a cue ball to hit the eight ball into the side pocket. While it gets the job done, some energy is lost when the two balls come in contact with each other. Similarly, while siphon delivery equipment is easy to make and simple to operate, it requires higher blasting pressures to achieve maximum abrasive impact velocity. Continue reading Siphon Abrasive Delivery vs. Direct Pressure