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9 Things to Know About Maximum Abrasive Velocity

What do we mean by maximum abrasive velocity? Simply put, it’s the fastest you can propel abrasive against a part without the abrasive exploding into smaller, useless pieces.

Why Is Quality Abrasive Worth It?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves it’s crucial that you understand many abrasives used in sandblasting are the same as the abrasives used in sandpaper, abrasive belts, sanding pads as well as all types of grinding wheels.  These abrasives are not to be confused with actual sand and softer slags such as Black Beauty that are used only once. If this comes as a surprise, remember that sandblasting is like hamburger – there’s…

What is External Abrasive Storage in Blast Cabinets?

External abrasive storage in abrasive blast cabinets refers to situations where abrasive is stored outside of the blast cabinet. In a direct pressure abrasive delivery system where a pressure pot and the external abrasive storage are used, all the abrasive is removed from inside the cabinet each time it exits the nozzle which allows the use of many different pressure pot sizes. Because the pot is sealed when blasting, it must stop blasting to refill the pot….

Why use glass beads in a blast cabinet?

Updated January 2022: Almost all of our blast cabinets are able to use glass bead abrasive media. Most operators and manufacturers know when to use glass beads and why. We’re sharing some tips that we’ve picked up over the last 50+ years in this industry remember Media Blast  manufactures more than 180 machine models.