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Automotive Blast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of automotive blast cabinets includes the best machines for cleaning, stripping and shot peening. We’ve grouped them together for easy evaluation, and offer many different cabinet sizes to accommodate home shops, commercial repair and industrial production facilities.

Automotive Sandblast Cabinet Spotlight: Charger

Media Blast’s Charger automotive sandblast cabinet uses direct pressure abrasive delivery and is capable of extended daily operation. This blast cabinet comes standard with a production-level nozzle that works with 25-90 cfm of compressed air per minute. It’s a great machine for anyone in the automotive industry looking to process several parts each day.

Best Home Garage Automotive Blasting Cabinets

At Media Blast & Abrasive, we have a long history of manufacturing high-quality automotive blast cabinets. The restoration automotive market includes boats, motorcycles, quads and anything else that moves. In addition to machines designed for professional auto shops, we offer a complete line of machines specifically designed to meet the unique needs of home hobbyists, weekend warriors and semi-professional extreme athletes. Our abrasive blasters cover everything from wet or dry to siphon or pressure abrasive…

New Website Launch: MBA Automotive Blasting Cabinets

We’re proud to announce that our website showcasing Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. Automotive Blasting Cabinets is now live! The site features 10 machine models designed specifically for the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. Each sandblasting cabinet targets special needs like camouflaging and color matching repairs or low-flow abrasive controls for precision blasting. The machines are available in a variety of models and various cabinet sizes to accommodate commercial and residential use with all the…

Shop Standard 2.0 Automotive Blast Cabinet

Media Blast makes a number of automotive blast cabinets specifically designed to meet needs of the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. One of those machines is the all-new Shop Standard 2.0, which uses a dry, siphon abrasive delivery system. This cabinet is among the first models we designed back in 1977. It was completely overhauled last year and debuted all-new in 2018 with an advanced negative pressure cartridge filtration dust collector.