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What Happens After COVID-19?

There is no doubt that humanity faces unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of a stalled global economy, many businesses are finding they must reinvent themselves, and we know that can be daunting. Media Blast & Abrasive was founded in 1977, but really the inception for the company started much earlier than that. We have seen our share of crippling economic uncertainty and lived to tell the tale. With that in…

How to Clean a Blasting Cabinet Dust Collector

We try to give general guidelines about when to clean a blasting cabinet dust collector in each machine’s user manual. Our official recommendation for any Media Blast® Industrial model is two, (2), to three, (3), minute cleaning cycles every two, (2), hours of machine operation. But the reality is that the cleaning and maintenance frequency of blast cabinet dust collectors is based on several variables. It’s the responsibility of the user to adapt our recommendation…

Blast Cabinet Parts & Maintenance Explained

Updated February 2022: The less you pay for a sandblasting cabinet the more maintenance it will require, and the more blast cabinet parts you will buy. This is because higher priced machines usually come with a larger dust collector and cabinet parts permit higher daily usage.

How To Size a Small Piston Air Compressor for Blast Cabinets

We often get asked which small piston air compressor is needed for a particular abrasive blast cabinet. Typically this happens when a buyer finds the blasting cabinet first then goes to look for the required compressed air.

Which is Best as Abrasive Delivery for Dry Sandblasting Cabinets?

The selection of the best dry sandblasting cabinet is difficult to list directly, but it is possible in your project introduction, or application. Machines vary greatly, and the best sandblasting cabinets for blind-hole cleaning aren’t the same as the best cabinets for soda blasting. If you know which abrasive delivery is best for your application, and you know you’re in the market for a dry blast cabinet these tips may help you find the best…

Efficiency and Safety: Blasting Cabinets with Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Some of the safest and most efficient sandblasters can be blasting cabinets with automatic cleaning dust collectors. This is both with and without HEPA After Filters. This is because no blasting cabinet is dustless, not even a wet blasting cabinet. And machine operators should understand what safety features are required based on the blast cabinet manufacturer, Air Pollution Control Agencies, and OSHA. Do not believe all the lack of safety information you find online.

Dust Collector Maintenance

Most abrasive cabinet upkeep is related to the dust collector maintenance. The dust collector, a critical component of the machine, stores the dust and spent abrasive as well as the material being removed from the part. Purchasing a dust collector that cannot scale with the production model is one of the biggest pain points customers express.

5 Things to Know Before Buying an Air Compressor

So you’re going to buy an air compressor for abrasive blasting – great! Before you start shopping around and doing competitive research, there are five things you need to know.

Air Compressor 101: Everything You Need to Know

Buying an air compressor for a blasting cabinet can seem like a daunting task, we know. Media Blast manufactures the largest line of Wet Blasters, Dry Siphon, Gravity Feed and Direct Pressure models with categories for Light Duty, Automotive, Sandcarving and Industrial abrasive blasting. Depending on what model you purchase and where you’ll be operating it, there are a few components that will affect your air compressor needs.

Bottom Line Benefits of Siphon Blasting Nozzle Maintenance

Regular nozzle maintenance on your siphon blast cabinet is a quick and easy way to save money by reducing production time and maintaining optimal productivity. How can something so simple make such a difference to your bottom line? Siphon machines are nozzle critical, meaning that the condition of the nozzle greatly impacts the productivity of the machine. This is because the abrasive’s velocity and direction are hugely dependent on a specific design formula for the…