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N-200 GF Siphon Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

Media Blast’s N-200 GF Siphon abrasive blasting cabinet is a side-loading blasting cabinet that uses siphon abrasive delivery and requires 25-90 cfm of compressed air at 80 psi. This machine is available in many special cabinet sizes but standard in two, the 3636 and 4848, because those sizes are commonly used with turntable assemblies. This sandblasting equipment can operate with almost any abrasive type, but it’s specially designed to use fine and ultra-fine abrasives.

Hobby Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Machine Spotlight

Media Blast’s Hobby Blast abrasive blaster is a top-loading blasting cabinet that uses siphon abrasive delivery and requires 12 cfm of compressed air. To accommodate close-fitting surroundings, this unit allows for bench top or wall mounting. This machine is designed for small cleaning applications such as hand-held tools, medical tool remanufacturing andauto parts. Benefits of the Hobby Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinet The Hobby Blast allows users to add a separator reclaimer to remove dust, keep the abrasive clean,…

How To Resolve Excessive Dust in Blast Cabinets

Does your abrasive blast cabinet have a problem with excessive dust? Aside from lack of machine maintenance and regular service, there are many reasons cabinets can have excessive dust inside with poor visibility. These are some of the reasons that warrant a call to an abrasive blasting expert, like one of our team members.

Buyer Beware: Complaints About Blasting Cabinets

We often hear complaints about blast cabinets from people who are in the market for a replacement machine. These are usually people who bought the wrong machine for their application, and here are the most common things they complain about.

Upgrading Your Abrasive Cabinet

Smart abrasive cabinet maintenance requires knowing when to replace or upgrade your machine. Most people assume this means planned decommissioning due to wear and tear, but it also includes abrasive cabinet upgrade due to increased production needs or new applications. If the right machine was purchased the first time, increased output can mean changing the gun size inside the machine and not buying a replacement of second machine! 

Shop Standard 2.0 Automotive Blast Cabinet

Media Blast makes a number of automotive blast cabinets specifically designed to meet needs of the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. One of those machines is the all-new Shop Standard 2.0, which uses a dry, siphon abrasive delivery system. This cabinet is among the first models we designed back in 1977. It was completely overhauled last year and debuted all-new in 2018 with an advanced negative pressure cartridge filtration dust collector.

5 Compressed Air Factors for At-Home Sandblasting

Blog updated November 22, 2021: Before you buy an air compressor for your home garage blast cabinet, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, it’s the compressed air that actually powers the blasting for any directional abrasive blasting cabinet or hand held gun. Whether you’re using a siphon or direct pressure abrasive delivery method, you’re going to need the right air compressor for your application.

HEPA Filtration in Abrasive Blasting

Wes Barton of IKONICS Imaging and Robert Robinson of Media Blast & Abrasive recently teamed up to put together a blog post explaining HEPA Filtration in the Sandcarving industry. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are used in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, homes and more. In order to quality, filters have to passstandards of efficiency set by the United States Department of Energy. Since it’s inception in the 1940s, HEPA filters have evolved to satisfy the…

Troubleshooting Blast Cabinet Abrasive Flow Problems

Updated January 2022: Do you often wonder why your blast cabinet has abrasive flow problems after roughly 30 minutes of operation? It’s a common issue that we field questions about, and we’ve compiled a list of the five most common culprits. Read below for our media blasting troubleshooting for our sand blasting tips.

CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Pro is one of the leading sandcarving machines on the market. It comes standard with all of the features necessary for professional-level sandcarving, what is called “Value for Dollar Spent”. Among these standard features are 100% welded cabinet and 90 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector, ergonomically correct design, 50-pound pressure pot with access port, and more. Additionally, there are optional features such as an inline ambient air drier and blow-off gun, which allow users…