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MicroBlast Industrial Blast Cabinet Machine Spotlight

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of of micro industrial blast cabinets, including the MicroBlast model, are in a class by themselves.  Each cabinet is specifically made for proper control and flow of smaller amounts of abrasive (measured in pounds delivered per minute). These machines require a unique set of features to optimize such low-flow of abrasive. They come with large negative pressure cartridge dust collectors for clean operation in small spaces, and are capable of recycling…

Media Blast PowerStrip Blast Cabinet

The PowerStrip by Media Blast is a direct pressure blast cabinet that uses a pressure pot assembly to create direct pressure abrasive delivery. It also includes a pneumatic conveyor that removes the abrasive from the cabinet each time it exits the blasting nozzle. This design allows any pressure pot size to be used to extend pot run time before the pot needs to be re-filled.  

What is Direct Pressure Abrasive Delivery?

Direct Pressure abrasive delivery is a process that uses a pressure pot to pneumatically push abrasive to the blasting nozzle inside a blast cabinet. 

Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

The Hailstorm by Media Blast is a direct pressure sandblast cabinet designed for use with plastic abrasive and includes many features specific to working with this abrasive medium. This means you don’t need to rely on information about upgrades or adding additional options to a direct pressure machine to make it work correctly using plastic abrasive.  The Hailstorm will also work with many other abrasive types but specifically designed for plastic media. This media blaster is…

Charger Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The Charger Direct Pressure Abrasive Blast Cabinet is designed for Production operation, which we consider one (1) hour or more of daily machine operation using a production gun size consuming about 45 cfm of compressed air. The capacity to store dust with ease of service is what makes this machine the right choice for Production operation. Additionally, a larger dual filter option is available for higher daily operation or larger abrasive gun size.

Which is Best as Abrasive Delivery for Dry Sandblasting Cabinets?

The selection of the best dry sandblasting cabinet is difficult to list directly, but it is possible in your project introduction, or application. Machines vary greatly, and the best sandblasting cabinets for blind-hole cleaning aren’t the same as the best cabinets for soda blasting. If you know which abrasive delivery is best for your application, and you know you’re in the market for a dry blast cabinet these tips may help you find the best…

Pressure vs. Siphon: Which Gives Maximum Media Blast® Cabinet Production Output

Are you wondering which is the best abrasive delivery method for Maximum Media Blast® Cabinet Production? This question is answered incorrectly more often than correctly mostly because people don’t understand the question or the equipment. Direct pressure abrasive delivery appears to clean faster than siphon abrasive delivery, but often the comparison doesn’t keep the abrasive speed, and the cfm being used the same.