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Bottom Line Benefits of Siphon Blasting Nozzle Maintenance

Regular nozzle maintenance on your siphon blast cabinet is a quick and easy way to save money by reducing production time and maintaining optimal productivity. How can something so simple make such a difference to your bottom line? Siphon machines are nozzle critical, meaning that the condition of the nozzle greatly impacts the productivity of the machine. This is because the abrasive’s velocity and direction are hugely dependent on a specific design formula for the…

Dust Collector Filter Maintenance

A dust collector filter is among the most important components for sandblasting cabinets. Machine footprint combined with Dust Storage Capacity is what created the need for dust collector advancements. Although we’ve made huge strides in innovation, dust collector filter maintenance is still an important factor. Types of Dust Collector Filters: 1st came the Positive Pressure Dust Bag attached to the blower exhaust outlet. These are still used today but only by companies that don’t understand dust…

Knowing When to Upgrade a Sandblasting Cabinet

If you’re struggling to decide whether it’s time to upgrade a sandblasting cabinet we understand your dilemma. There are no-brainers like needing additional part processing capacity, meeting increased demand on existing machinery, and changes in applications. Unfortunately, there are less clear-cut situations where your current machine is falling short but you aren’t sure exactly what will alleviate your pain points.

Blasting Cabinet Filter Maintenance Explained

Blasting cabinet filters can be one of three types: Air Inlet Filters, Air Regulator Filter, and Dust Collector Filters. Dust Collector filters come in two main materials: cloth filters or cartridge filters. Dust Collector Filters are the most important. The 3 Types of Blasting Cabinet Filters Air Inlet Filters keep the dust and abrasive inside the cabinet. They also allow the dust collector blower to bring clean air into the cabinet creating visibility. Always remember to…