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9 Things to Know About Maximum Abrasive Velocity

What do we mean by maximum abrasive velocity? Simply put, it’s the fastest you can propel abrasive against a part without the abrasive exploding into smaller, useless pieces.

Dominator Siphon Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The Dominator Siphon Abrasive Blast Cabinet is designed for Production operation, meaning applications that require one (1) or more hours of daily machine operation using a production gun size consuming about 45 cfm of compressed air.

Glass Bead Blasting: Abrasive Shape, Hardness and Recycle Rate

Of all media blasting abrasives, glass bead blasting is arguably the most popular and the easiest on equipment. This is in part because glass beads are very versatile. They are a medium-hard abrasive and come in a range of sizes, shapes and hardness levels. It’s these characteristics of glass beads that make them desirable and impact their recycle rate.

Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Power Peen abrasive blast cabinet is a Direct Pressure machine designed for Production applications, which classify as planned machine operation of one or more hours daily. It is designed to use heavy blasting media to achieve the high frictional heat required in through-hole part blasting and blind-hole cleaning. The Power Peen model requires 25 to 80cfm of compressed air and includes a 1.0 cubic foot ASME coded Pressure Pot complete with pressure pot access port for…

Downdraft Work Tables

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of Tornado downdraft work tables is designed for pollution control from grinding, sanding, and deburring normally using a central dust collector. These machines protect the operator and surrounding equipment from free floating debris. Tornado workstation unlike the Tornado Work Bench do not include an internal dust collector, but they do include the collection hopper, hopper attachment outlet for connection to a central dust collector and other great features like lighting,…

Why Frictional Heat Matters in Blast Cabinets

A lack of frictional heat is one of the main reasons a first time buyer is disappointed in their blast cabinet purchase. As a manufacturer of over 170 different models of Blasting Cabinets, Dust Collectors and Pollution Control Work Benches, we often have first time buyers call us to replace their poorly-constructed abrasive blast cabinet. We are not saying all cabinets sold by large tool suppliers are bad, but inexperienced buyers often misunderstand why the…

Tungsten Disulfide Application with Sandblasting

Tungsten Disulfide is a very hard and really wear resistant chemical compound that occurs naturally and is synthesized in labs. For many years it was best known as the material wrapped around the filament in incandescent light bulbs that causes them to glow. Since the rise of LED lighting, new applications for tungsten disulfide have evolved including using it as non-friction coating that can be used in place of grease. A few industries that could possibly…

Automotive Blast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of automotive blast cabinets includes the best machines for cleaning, stripping and shot peening. We’ve grouped them together for easy evaluation, and offer many different cabinet sizes to accommodate home shops, commercial repair and industrial production facilities.

How Come Other Brands Sell Media Blast Cabinets?

Have you ever come across another website selling Media Blast Cabinets and wondered if those are some of our machines? It’s likely they aren’t. Media Blast® only has a select few authorized retailers and all other machines are sold directly to consumers. Many companies use our name to describe their abrasive blasting equipment as MediaBlasters® because our Patent Registered Brand Name has become a Trade Name.

3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The 3030 Savage Direct Pressure blasting cabinet was created to run on smaller air compressors using the standard electrical power found in home garages and commercial facilities. It’s designed with the correct abrasive flow controls for smaller air volumes avoiding problems created when you try to simply install a smaller pressure nozzle size to match your smaller air compressor supply volume. The 3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet is an excellent choice for professionals and…