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Tag: Product Spotlight

Automotive Sandblast Cabinet Spotlight: Charger

Media Blast’s Charger automotive sandblast cabinet uses direct pressure abrasive delivery and is capable of extended daily operation. This blast cabinet comes standard with a production-level nozzle that works with 25-90 cfm of compressed air per minute. It’s a great machine for anyone in the automotive industry looking to process several parts each day.

Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet by Media Blast is a simple to use older technology now gaining applications in today’s marketplace. Many applications today require wet blasting, which uses ultra-fine abrasives and eliminates the frictional heat that can damage delicate composites.

Blizzard III Soda Sandblasting Cabinet

The Blizzard Stage III soda sandblasting cabinet by Media Blast is one of three machines designed specifically for soda blasting in all industries including aerospace and the automotive and recreational vehicle markets. All Blizzard models include “Ghost Flow™” soda flow, 1.0 C.F. soda delivery system using low compressed air usage and low soda usage. What sets the Stage III apart are features specially manufactured to meet production applications that require prolonged daily operation. The innovative…

Micro Abrasive Industrial Blast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & abrasive created the micro abrasive industrial line of blasting cabinets specifically for proper control and flow of smaller amounts of abrasive. These blasters come standard with all the right abrasive delivery controls to manage ultra fine abrasive material. They are built for applications that require more than one hour of daily machine operation, which we consider industrial, and include both siphon and direct pressure abrasive delivery. Because micro abrasive is very small, these machines come with…

8 Drawbacks of a Clamshell Sandblasting Cabinet

The concept behind a clamshell sandblasting cabinet seems incredibly simple. The traditional design for these cabinets is a hinged top that swings back to allow parts to be loaded by forklift or hoist. Based on appearances, it should be the perfect solution for loading and blasting large or large heavy parts. Unfortunately, there are several concerns when it comes to clamshell sandblasting cabinets.

Finding the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinet for Your Needs

So you’re looking to buy an abrasive blast cabinet, but you don’t know what machine is the right fit for your needs. Not to worry, we’re here to help you buy the right machine the first time and avoid having to make a second, costly purchase.

What is a Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector?

A Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector is a type of air filtration system that utilizes a series of cylindrical cartridges to capture and remove dust and other airborne particles from an industrial or commercial environment. This free-standing dust collector is used for extended blasting operations, multiple guns, or multiple machine operation and or multiple daily shifts. Under these conditions, the reduced maintenance and increased daily operation provided by these dust collectors result in a big…

Shop Standard 2.0 Automotive Blast Cabinet

Media Blast makes a number of automotive blast cabinets specifically designed to meet needs of the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. One of those machines is the all-new Shop Standard 2.0, which uses a dry, siphon abrasive delivery system. This cabinet is among the first models we designed back in 1977. It was completely overhauled last year and debuted all-new in 2018 with an advanced negative pressure cartridge filtration dust collector.

CrystalBlast Pro Stage II Mediablaster Spotlight

Meet the new CrystalBlast Pro Stage II mediablaster®! The CB Pro Stage II features simple-to-use controls so it can operate in any language. And its side mounted dust collector fits through standard doorways. What Sets the CB Pro Stage II Apart? The three CrystalBlast Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector cabinet with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle. The Pro Stage II includes a right-side access door…

Downdraft Work Tables

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of Tornado downdraft work tables is designed for pollution control from grinding, sanding, and deburring normally using a central dust collector. These machines protect the operator and surrounding equipment from free floating debris. Tornado workstation unlike the Tornado Work Bench do not include an internal dust collector, but they do include the collection hopper, hopper attachment outlet for connection to a central dust collector and other great features like lighting,…