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Tag: Product Spotlight

MicroBlast Industrial Blast Cabinet Machine Spotlight

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of of micro industrial blast cabinets, including the MicroBlast model, are in a class by themselves.  Each cabinet is specifically made for proper control and flow of smaller amounts of abrasive (measured in pounds delivered per minute). These machines require a unique set of features to optimize such low-flow of abrasive. They come with large negative pressure cartridge dust collectors for clean operation in small spaces, and are capable of recycling…

Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

The Hailstorm by Media Blast is a direct pressure sandblast cabinet designed for use with plastic abrasive and includes many features specific to working with this abrasive medium. This means you don’t need to rely on information about upgrades or adding additional options to a direct pressure machine to make it work correctly using plastic abrasive.  The Hailstorm will also work with many other abrasive types but specifically designed for plastic media. This media blaster is…

Media Blast N-200 Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet

The N-200 by Media Blast is an Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinet which means it utilizes siphon abrasive delivery. True Industrial Siphon Blast Cabinets must have a blower and dust collector capable of handling a large abrasive gun size delivering up to 10 pounds of abrasive per minute.  Most of the applications today can use the Industrial Siphon blasting cabinet, which is open to atmosphere. This enables continuous operation without the need to stop and re-pressurize like the pressure pot…

Blizzard Soda Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Blizzard abrasive cabinet is specifically designed to operate with single-use soda abrasive, also known as bicarbonate, and single-use wheat start abrasives. Media Blast makes all its machines with 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive in the workspace. The patented used soda pre-separator system design collects the used soda before it enters the dust collector, significantly reducing dust collector maintenance.

N-200 Stage II Soda Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The N-200 Stage II soda blast cabinet is manufactured specifically for operation with soda abrasive. Unlike most blasting cabinets, soda cabinets aren’t concerned about recycling abrasive because soda can only be used once.

Charger Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The Charger Direct Pressure Abrasive Blast Cabinet is designed for Production operation, which we consider one (1) hour or more of daily machine operation using a production gun size consuming about 45 cfm of compressed air. The capacity to store dust with ease of service is what makes this machine the right choice for Production operation. Additionally, a larger dual filter option is available for higher daily operation or larger abrasive gun size.

CrystalBlast Elite Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Elite abrastive blasting cabinet is an innovative, ergonomically correct sandcarving solution. This unique machine comes standard with a 700 cfm exhaust blower and patented separator reclaimer which prevents the loss of even the smallest abrasive, including the 240 mesh commonly used for half-tone sandcarving.

Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Power Peen abrasive blast cabinet is a Direct Pressure machine designed for Production applications, which classify as planned machine operation of one or more hours daily. It is designed to use heavy blasting media to achieve the high frictional heat required in through-hole part blasting and blind-hole cleaning. The Power Peen model requires 25 to 80cfm of compressed air and includes a 1.0 cubic foot ASME coded Pressure Pot complete with pressure pot access port for…

Industrial Blast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of Industrial blast cabinets is designed for production applications that require more than one hour of daily machine operation. We know time is money, and these are the fastest cleaning models, with the most available options and upgrades, using the correct gun size to meet production numbers.

3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The 3030 Savage Direct Pressure blasting cabinet was created to run on smaller air compressors using the standard electrical power found in home garages and commercial facilities. It’s designed with the correct abrasive flow controls for smaller air volumes avoiding problems created when you try to simply install a smaller pressure nozzle size to match your smaller air compressor supply volume.