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Every Blast Cabinet Needs A Separator Reclaimer

Updated February 2022: An abrasive separator reclaimer is a pneumatic centrifuge capable of separating usable abrasive from dust and unwanted worn abrasive while creating the negative cabinet air pressure required for all blasting cabinets. This not only helps reduce the cost of abrasives, it vastly improves visibility inside the cabinet as smaller dust and spent abrasive – carbon, paint and rust – are removed while the unit is being used.

Glass Bead Blasting: Abrasive Shape, Hardness and Recycle Rate

Of all media blasting abrasives, glass bead blasting is arguably the most popular and the easiest on equipment. This is in part because glass beads are very versatile. They are a medium-hard abrasive and come in a range of sizes, shapes and hardness levels. It’s these characteristics of glass beads that make them desirable and impact their recycle rate.