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Sandcarving Seminar Success

That’s a wrap! IKONICS Imaging ends a successful seminar season in sunny California! With over 30 attendees, this beginner-to-intermediate sandcarving seminar was by far the largest sandcarving seminar held at Media Blast & Abrasive. Attendees gathered from all over the US and Canada, from Tennessee and Texas to Indiana and Washington. Not only was this group geographically diverse, there was a wide variety of industries. From the Monument industry to Trophies and Awards, this mixture…

Sandcarving Abrasive Blast Cabinet Spotlight

In 2003 we introduced our CrystalBlast® line of sandcarving and film washout machinery. Our cabinets raised the bar on all sandblasters and included standard features such as our patented abrasive separator reclaimer, industrial pinch valve flow control, cartridge dust collector, reverse pulse cleaning, ergonomically correct design, window sweeps, cleanout pot ports and muchmore.

Top 5 Takeaways From Our Brea Sandcarving Seminar

This past weekend Darin Jones and Andy Hromatka, Technical Sales Specialists with IKONICS Imaging, co-hosted a hands-on sandcarving seminar with the team at Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. in Brea, California.

Choosing A Sandcarving Machine

Guest Blog post by IKONICS Imaging  Choosing which sandcarving machine is best for your shop can feel overwhelming. To keep pace with the creativity and vision of the sandcarving industry, Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging have developed a full line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Machines, including low-cost entry-level Sandcarvers, fast-production equipment and highly sophisticated machines with special features and options. Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging offer a wide range of machines shaped and modified to meet…

CrystalBlast Pro Stage I Mediablaster Spotlight

We’re thrilled to announce the newly designed CrystalBlast Pro Stage I – a cost effective, Entry Level Sandcarver for almost all applications!  What Sets the CrystalBlast Pro Stage I Apart? The three CB Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector cabinet with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle. We’re making it hard for users to outgrow this Sandcarving cabinet! This machine can easily pass through doorways because of its single…

3 Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

A Sandcarving cabinet is a piece of machinery used for sandblasting and carving designs into glass, wood, and other materials. It consists of a dust collector, a sandblast gun, and a protective cabinet to contain the dust and debris created by the Sandcarving process. Most are Direct Pressure but we also manufacturer Siphon for Surface Etching.

HEPA Filtration in Abrasive Blasting

Wes Barton of IKONICS Imaging and Robert Robinson of Media Blast & Abrasive recently teamed up to put together a blog post explaining HEPA Filtration in the Sandcarving industry. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are used in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, homes and more. In order to quality, filters have to passstandards of efficiency set by the United States Department of Energy. Since it’s inception in the 1940s, HEPA filters have evolved to satisfy the…

IKONICS: Superior Photoresist Films for Sandcarving

Nestled in the heart of the Northland, IKONICS has been an international leader of imaging technologies for more than 65 years. Made in America and distributed globally, IKONICS Imaging supplies customers an unmatched line of sandcarvers, automated washout units, photoresist films, crystal products, and training.

Sunshine & Sandcarving

IKONICS Imaging had a blast during the Sandcarving Seminar in sunny California at Media Blast & Abrasive! Wes Barton and Darin Jones with IKONICS Imaging taught a one-and-a-half day, professional-level sandcarving seminar. Wes and Darin covered topics from basic artwork tips and demoing different types of photoresist films to sandcarving techniques and CrystalBlast machine basics.  Another popular subject was common troubleshooting tips along with sharing information on high wear parts. It was a full class…

Sandcarving Seminar Success in the Golden State

Without further ado, IKONICS Imaging brings you a fun recap of the 2018 Sandcarving Seminar in Brea, California. This bi-annual event has been going on for 10 years! Each seminar has evolved and IKONICS will continue to ebb and flow with the needs and demands for sandcarving education. This seminar always surprises IKONICS in the diversity of both the attendees and their businesses. While local attendees were majority, students from all over the US attended including…