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Can you Sandblast Outside the Box?

It might seem a little strange for an abrasive blast cabinet manufacturer to be writing about how to sandblast outside the box, so to speak. Some people call this “manual blasting” but it is also known as “hand-eye directional blasting” and there are some very real benefits to this technique.

Introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet

Media Blast and Abrasives is introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet. The small machine footprint saves valuable floor space and features two 72″ high door openings. It’s the ideal mediablaster® for aerospace applications with a self-contained 440 square foot cartridge dust collector and unparalleled part handling inside the cabinet. The Challenges of Large-Part Processing Often an application for large parts, such as aerospace abrasive blasting, can require a large expensive blast room for part…