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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Choosing the right Window Slope for your Mediablaster Cabinet

Media Blast® offers multiple window slopes on Wet and Dry Industrial Blasting Cabinets. This is because the wrong window slope can make it very hard to operate your mediablaster®. Which slope is right for you? It depends on the part you’re processing. Max Window Slope Mediablaster  One of our window slope angles is the most angled. This makes it easier it is to see low height parts on the work grate surface just in front…

Wet Blasters: Industrial Vapor Blast Cabinets vs. Light Duty Wet Blasters

At Media Blast & Abrasives we make both kinds of vapor blast cabinets: Industrial and Light Duty. Industrial cabinets are designed to operate on a production capacity daily duty cycle (DDC). This means the machines are able to run longer intervals between maintenance and process more parts in a shorter time frame. Light Duty wet sandblast cabinets are built to operate in shorter durations and process smaller batches of parts. 3 Benefits of Industrial Vapor…

Efficiency and Safety: Blasting Cabinets with Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Some of the safest and most efficient sandblasters can be blasting cabinets with automatic cleaning dust collectors. This is both with and without HEPA After Filters. This is because no blasting cabinet is dustless, not even a wet blasting cabinet. And machine operators should understand what safety features are required based on the blast cabinet manufacturer, Air Pollution Control Agencies, and OSHA. Do not believe all the lack of safety information you find online.

Wet Blasting Cabinets Play a Vital Role in Medical Implant Production

One of the best-kept secrets in the abrasive blasting industry is the vital role wet abrasive cabinets play in medical implant production. In fact, wet abrasive blasting cabinets almost became obsolete in favor of dry blasters. A Quick History of Wet Blasting Cabinets Wet abrasive delivery blasting cabinets were the first to be invented, but overtime dry cabinets developed. Wet abrasive sandblasting cabinets were considered too slow because they lacked the frictional heat added by…

Wet Industrial Blast Cabinets: The Backbone of Modern Manufacturing

It may seem like Wet Industrial Blast Cabinets are new to the abrasive blasting industry, but this isn’t the case. Many new applications have appeared in recent years, which has increased the need for wet blasting cabinets. Yet these very specialized machines have been very important to the media blasting industry since they were invented. A Brief History of Wet Abrasive Cabinets At first, the easiest way to capture abrasive inside a blasting cabinet was…

How Wet Abrasive Blasting Almost Become Obsolete

At the start of the sandblasting industry, almost all the blasting was wet abrasive blasting. Wet delivery is great for containing the blasting abrasive for recycle and controlling the dust created during blast operation. 

FAQs About Wet Blast Cabinets

Wet blast cabinets have been around for a very long time. Although dry blasting almost made wet cabinets obsolete, more and more applications today require wet blasting because it eliminates the frictional heat that can damage delicate parts and permits iron free blasting. A few wet blasting applications include critical plating and painting, chemically clean part surface, no abrasive impregnation into the part surface, and aircraft part cleaning with the least part surface removal.

The Best Return on Investment Wet Sandblasting Cabinets

Today we divide wet sandblasting cabinets into two categories: very light duty and Industrial. Consider Industrial wet machines are designed for daily operation, are 100% welded to eliminate leaks, and while the duration of operation isn’t a key factor, the speed of processing is. Light Duty Machines are typically constructed with cheaper materials, use a form of agitation that results in a small percentage of abrasive held in suspension, operate limited gun size cfm usage, and…

Hydroslurry 2420 SS Mediablaster® Spotlight

The HydroSlurry 2420 SS is a wet (vapor) blasting cabinet manufactured by Media Blast®. It’s a great, space saving, stainless steel, top loading mediablaster®. 

Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet by Media Blast is a simple to use older technology now gaining applications in today’s marketplace. Many applications today require wet blasting, which uses ultra-fine abrasives and eliminates the frictional heat that can damage delicate composites.