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3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The 3030 Savage Direct Pressure blasting cabinet was created to run on smaller air compressors using the standard electrical power found in home garages and commercial facilities. It’s designed with the correct abrasive flow controls for smaller air volumes avoiding problems created when you try to simply install a smaller pressure nozzle size to match your smaller air compressor supply volume.

Benefits of the 3030 Savage Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet

  1. Manufactured using 100% welded 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive escaping into the workspace
  2. Direct pressure models can reach maximum abrasive impact velocity using half the blasting pressure of a siphon.
  3. This machine design uses a constant pressure design that results in instant on-off control of the blasting cycle that is often not included with direct pressure models or only included with a cumbersome hinged nozzle flow restrictor.
  4. The 3030 Savage is available with two standard size nozzles; order both sizes when changing abrasive types between glass beads and aluminum oxide
  5. Impressive list of Standard Features and Optional Features

To Sum It Up

The 3030 Savage direct pressure blasting cabinet is a great choice for home-use applications requiring small volumes of compressed air needing direct pressure to focus the pattern, process blind holes or cross drilled holes and uses steel shot or grit for peening and or cleaning in addition to all the standard abrasives. This machine is available with two gun sizes and the 3030 Savage operates on 120 volt single phase power using air compressors operating on the same power as your washing machine or dryer. To see if the 3030 Savage is the right blasting cabinet for your needs, visit our Buying Guide. If you’re looking for a model that can handle higher volumes of compressed air using direct pressure abrasive delivery, look to the PowerPeen or Charger you will find in our extensive website.