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Buying guide | Wet or Dry? | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

Here on Media Blast's Machine Buying Guide, you can travel through our available media blasting models to find the one suitable for your needs.

Wet or Dry?

Wet Blasting Cabinet Category - Wet vapor Blast Cabinets

Wet Blast

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  • Eliminate frictional heat on delicate materials
  • Produce a chemically clean part surface
  • Uses micro-fine abrasive down to 4000 mesh
  • Absolutely the lowest amount of surface removal when cleaning aircraft parts
  • Removes discoloration on tooling without dulling the edges using a water cushion
  • Used with medical implants manufacturing
  • No abrasive impregnation into the part surface

Wet machines eliminate the frictional heat generated by all dry blasting. The Hurricane wet blast machine uses stainless steel cabinet fabrication and a seal-less slurry pump to agitate and suspend the abrasive while supplying mixed slurry to the blast gun assembly. The result is one of the highest percentages of solid abrasive to water for faster wet processing. Most wet applications are specified and cannot be processed using a dry blasting machine.


Dry Blast

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  • Most common blasting cabinets are dry
  • Available in light duty, R&D and production models for low to high daily duty cycle
  • Frictional heat created allows faster cleaning
  • Doubling the compressed air usage can triple the production in the same time
  • Available in both siphon and direct pressure models with and without pneumatic conveyors
  • Different models for large aggressive and ultra-fine abrasives

Dry abrasive cabinets are the most common type of blasting cabinet found in the market today. Frictional heat and the ability to use larger and larger gun sizes make dry equipment the fastest cleaning. Matching the gun size, dust collector size and duty cycle is key to having a clean operation. The Media Blast line of siphon, direct pressure and gravity feed models offer the right model for your application. Media Blast also offers both internal abrasive storage and external abrasive storage using a pneumatic abrasive conveyor to transfer abrasive outside the cabinet for recycle.