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Wet Blasting Cabinets Play a Vital Role in Medical Implant Production

One of the best-kept secrets in the abrasive blasting industry is the vital role wet abrasive cabinets play in medical implant production. In fact, wet abrasive blasting cabinets almost became obsolete in favor of dry blasters. A Quick History of Wet Blasting Cabinets Wet abrasive delivery blasting cabinets were the first to be invented, but overtime dry cabinets developed. Wet abrasive sandblasting cabinets were considered too slow because they lacked the frictional heat added by…

Unveiling the Fastest Cleaning Abrasive Blasting Cabinets

The fastest cleaning abrasive blasting cabinets differ depending on your application. It’s not as simple as sizing up your gun size to clean faster. A bigger gun can have enough frictional heat to welt sheet steel. You can almost plasma cut thinner steel with a direct pressure if you turn up the pressure. So, if a bigger gun isn’t the answer, how can we know which are the fastest cleaning abrasive blasting cabinets? The answer…

Efficiency and Safety: Blasting Cabinets with Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Some of the safest and most efficient sandblasters can be blasting cabinets with automatic cleaning dust collectors. This is both with and without HEPA After Filters. This is because no blasting cabinet is dustless, not even a wet blasting cabinet. And machine operators should understand what safety features are required based on the blast cabinet manufacturer, Air Pollution Control Agencies, and OSHA. Do not believe all the lack of safety information you find online.

Pressure vs. Siphon: Which Gives Maximum Media Blast® Cabinet Production Output

Are you wondering which is the best abrasive delivery method for Maximum Media Blast® Cabinet Production? This question is answered incorrectly more often than correctly mostly because people don’t understand the question or the equipment. Direct pressure abrasive delivery appears to clean faster than siphon abrasive delivery, but often the comparison doesn’t keep the abrasive speed, and the cfm being used the same.

3 Tips for Buying a Mediablaster®

Did you know that sandblasting cabinets can be called many things? Some examples are a blast cabinet, sandblaster, mediablaster®, dry blast cabinet, and even wet blast cabinet or vapor hone cabinet. Media Blast® blasters, cabinets manufactured by Media Blast and Abrasives, are among the best in the industry. Our blasters are 100% welded cold-rolled-steel cabinets designed for everything ranging from home hobbyists to the Aerospace industry. If you are in the market for a sandblasting…

Introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet

Media Blast and Abrasives is introducing the N-200 Siphon Aerospace Blast Cabinet. The small machine footprint saves valuable floor space and features two 72″ high door openings. It’s the ideal mediablaster® for aerospace applications with a self-contained 440 square foot cartridge dust collector and unparalleled part handling inside the cabinet. The Challenges of Large-Part Processing Often an application for large parts, such as aerospace abrasive blasting, can require a large expensive blast room for part…

6 Light Duty Mediablaster Applications

A blast cabinet with a low Daily Duty Cycle (DDC) can be useful for many mediablaster applications at home. This type of Blasting Cabinet has a total DDC of 30 minutes or less daily, and sometimes lower. And many can operate on a 120-volt air compressor using a 6-cfm gun size. When used properly there are many at-home mediablaster® applications for these abrasive blast cabinets.

Tumble Barrels and Tumble Baskets Explained

Understanding the difference between a tumble barrels and a tumble baskets can be one of the more confusing choices in abrasive blasting. Baskets and barrels are among the hardest blasting cabinet models to purchase correctly. We’ve been making these mediablasters® since the 1970s and we understand them inside and out.

Benefits of using Glass Window Protectors on Mediablaster® Cabinets

All Media Blast & Abrasive operator view windows are made of Safety Glass and our glass window protectors are included and standard on all operator view windows except on our wet mediablasters®. Why do we use glass instead of plastic? Glass gives users the best return on investment at the most reasonable cost. ProTip: To extend the life of your operator view windows, direct most of the abrasive away from the window. This is easier…

Wet Blasters: Industrial Vapor Blast Cabinets vs. Light Duty Wet Blasters

At Media Blast & Abrasives we make both kinds of vapor blast cabinets: Industrial and Light Duty. Industrial cabinets are designed to operate on a production capacity daily duty cycle (DDC). This means the machines are able to run longer intervals between maintenance and process more parts in a shorter time frame. Light Duty wet sandblast cabinets are built to operate in shorter durations and process smaller batches of parts. 3 Benefits of Industrial Vapor…