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CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers Are a Cut Above the Competition

CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers sandcarve faster and use sharper Silicon Carbide Abrasive in abrasive sizes that create a better-looking part with finer part detail!

Cobra Stage II Siphon by Media Blast® Spotlight

The Media Blast® Cobra Stage II Siphon Mediablaster is a complete machine that includes all the critical features necessary for superior abrasive blasting, without the mess, missing on the competition.

Tips for Achieving Clean Abrasive Blasting Cabinets

Media Blast & Abrasives has been making the original Mediablaster® cabinets for nearly half a century! We know the ins and outs of cabinet manufacturing and operation. Our machines are clean abrasive blasting cabinets and we match them to your Daily Duty Cycle (DDC). Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for other sandblasting cabinets.  Why is my Sandblast Cabinet so dusty? This is a common question we get from people who purchase a sandblasting cabinet…

Testing Sandblasting Cabinets Before You Buy

Did you know Media Blast® offers machine demos? We don’t mind prospective buyers testing sandblasting cabinets because we want to help people buy the right machine the first time.  Which Machine is Right for Me? Each application is unique and thus requires a certain combination of machine features to perform at the highest level. Our Mission Statement has always been to help people buy the “Right Machine Model the First Time” based on the user’s described…

Hailstorm Sandblasting Cabinet for Plastic Abrasive

If you need a Sandblasting Cabinet for plastic abrasive media, look no further than the Media Blast® Hailstorm. This abrasive blasting cabinet is specifically made for use with plastic abrasives. It also offers some of the most advanced standard and optional features of any mediablaster® on the market today.  What is the Hailstorm Model? The Hailstorm Sandblasting Cabinet for plastic abrasive is a Direct Pressure Media Blast® Model. This machine comes standard with many features required to use…

Find Out how Some Blasting Cabinets Save Money!

High-quality blasting cabinets can be an expensive piece of equipment, and sometimes that deters businesses from investing in them. We’re going to explore a few ways spending more money up front on blasting cabinets can save you BIG in the long run. Large Blasting Cabinets Can Eliminate Blast Rooms All companies using a Blast Room also have Blasting Cabinets. But not all companies using a Blasting Cabinet have a Blast Room. What this means is…

Blast Cabinet: The Ultimate High-Quality Surface Treatment Equipment

Surface treatment is an essential part of many industrial and manufacturing processes. In fact sandblasting blasting touches nearly everything you see and touch including bagged skinless carrots, golf clubs, rim-lock wheels and Sandcarving special awards. It requires a thorough and efficient technique to achieve the desired results. A blast cabinet is one of the most popular and effective methods for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing, and they are a valuable asset for various applications. For example,…

N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Can Replace Some Blasting Rooms

Media Blast® has solved the challenges of abrasive blasting rooms for one aircraft engine manufacturer with a special cabinet design. This unique N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet includes specialized part-handling equipment specifically for their parts.  What Sets the N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet Apart? Our standard N-200 Siphon Blast Cabinet has a small machine footprint to save valuable floor space. A proprietary movable work cart holds the part being processed. Unparalleled part manipulation inside the cabinet allows users to…

The Most Important Features in Any Dry Sandblasting Cabinet

There are many cool Dry Sandblasting Cabinet features available on the market today. These vary from automatic cleaning cycles to ergonomic controls and more. After nearly a half-century manufacturing, our team at Media Blast & Abrasives has come up with two non-negotiable features for all dry cabinets: the Dust Collector and Blower followed by the Separator Reclaimer Efficiency. What Makes These Features Special? For decades our company’s founder has been making the following statement: “You can…

Industrial Abrasive Blast Cabinets by Media Blast®

Media Blast® was the first sandblast cabinet manufacturer to group and list cabinets using Categories. These categories also followed our easy-to-use Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Buying Guide. This tool is available on our website to help you identify the type of Industrial Blasting Cabinet you really need. Today, we have eight different Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Categories, one of which is Industrial Abrasive Blast Cabinets.  What are Industrial Abrasive Blast Cabinets? Industrial Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are specifically designed to…