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How Cartridge Filters Improve the Efficiency of Machine DDC

First there were tubular cloth dust bags, second there was enveloped cloth dust bags yielding about 10 times the filter area in the same footprint. Finally came cartridge filters which double the filter area of envelope dust bags. More dust filter area means fewer dust collector cleaning cycles per day. Which means less dust collector maintenance and higher machine output. Increased filter dust storage can improve dust collector efficiency by slowing down the speed of…

Blasting Cabinet Filter Maintenance Explained

Blasting cabinet filters can be one of three types: Air Inlet Filters, Air Regulator Filter, and Dust Collector Filters. Dust Collector filters come in two main materials: cloth filters or cartridge filters. Dust Collector Filters are the most important. The 3 Types of Blasting Cabinet Filters Air Inlet Filters keep the dust and abrasive inside the cabinet. They also allow the dust collector blower to bring clean air into the cabinet creating visibility. Always remember to…

4 Light Duty Sand Blaster Cabinet Mistakes to Avoid

Media Blast & Abrasive’s sand blaster cabinet line has been manufactured in the USA since the company was started almost a half-century ago. We know the difference between a quality, light duty machine and a “sight seller” cabinet. Sight sellers are sand blaster cabinets marketed online that appear to meet all the requirements a user would want. Unfortunately, they often fall short after delivery with poor abrasive recycling and creating a mess around the cabinet.

How Cabinet Media Blasters Eliminate Blast Rooms

Did you know some media blasters, also called blasting cabinets, can be used to blast large parts instead of blasting rooms?

3 Important Sandcarving Cabinet Features

A Sandcarving cabinet is a piece of machinery used for sandblasting and carving designs into glass, wood, and other materials. It consists of a dust collector, a sandblast gun, and a protective cabinet to contain the dust and debris created by the Sandcarving process. Most are Direct Pressure but we also manufacturer Siphon for Surface Etching.

Media Blast has a New Website!

At Media Blast & Abrasive we’re committed to offering you the very best products and service. To that end, we’re proud to announce that the new Media Blast® website is now live!

HydroSlurry Wet Blasting Cabinet

Meet the new HydroSlurry wet blasting cabinet by Media Blast. If you’re thinking about equipping your shop with an affordable wet slurry blaster cabinet then check out our new stainless steel HydroSlurry®. This vapor blasting model is available in three standard cabinet sizes plus the 2420 bench top model. Choose the cabinet size right for your application.  An Affordable Wet Blaster  If you’re looking for a wet (vapor) blast cabinet to produce great looking part finish,…

CrystalBlast Pro Stage III Elite Mediablaster Spotlight

Meet the king of our new Pro Model lineup, the CrystalBlast Pro Stage III Elite mediablaster®. This model includes all the features necessary for advanced Sandcarving using ultra-fine abrasive and all the standard mesh sizes.  ProTip: if you want great Sandcarving detail then you need these finer abrasive sizes. What Sets the CB Pro Stage III Apart? The three CrystalBlast Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector…

CrystalBlast Pro Stage II Mediablaster Spotlight

Meet the new CrystalBlast Pro Stage II mediablaster®! The CB Pro Stage II features simple-to-use controls so it can operate in any language. And its side mounted dust collector fits through standard doorways. What Sets the CB Pro Stage II Apart? The three CrystalBlast Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector cabinet with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle. The Pro Stage II includes a right-side access door…

CrystalBlast Pro Stage I Mediablaster Spotlight

We’re thrilled to announce the newly designed CrystalBlast Pro Stage I – a cost effective, Entry Level Sandcarver for almost all applications!  What Sets the CrystalBlast Pro Stage I Apart? The three CB Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector cabinet with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle. We’re making it hard for users to outgrow this Sandcarving cabinet! This machine can easily pass through doorways because of its single…