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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Dust Collector Options Media Blast® Cabinets

Media Blast® offers a large line of standalone and modular dust collectors for many of our machine models that can also be used on any existing machine with a poorly designed dust collector. We also offer a vacuum blower operated line to replace small dust collectors on inexpensive machines that don’t include a separator reclaimer. The Media Blast vacuum dust collectors include 110 square feet of MERV tested and certified cartridge filtration, and we also manufacturer a modular line of free-standing collectors with and without dust storage hoppers. The larger freestanding dust collector models with automatic timed reverse pulse cleaning up to 1320 square feet of filter collection surface area, can also include HEPA After Filters. These collectors are made for sand blasting applications using vertical filters found to be the most efficient by air pollution control agencies when used with blasting cabinets. HEPA after filters are also available for even greater dust collector efficiency and are commonly used for machine cell operation.

VAC-110 Dust Collectors | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

The VAC-110 Dust Collectors is best in class. Smaller abrasive blast cabinets such as light duty models often use the less expensive shop vacuum blower to operate and create a small negative pressure inside the cabinet required for any dry abrasive blasting cabinets. Media Blast® offers two vacuum dust collectors that make a huge difference in ability to operate these small sandblasting cabinets. Most shop vacuums and vacuum blower operated sandblast cabinet dust collectors offer…

  • 100% weldedcabinet construction
  • Vacuum hose from blasting cabinet to VAC-110
  • MERV certified 110 square foot filter cartridge
  • Vertical mounted filter cartridge for increased cleaning efficiency
  • Removable blower plenum with latches
  • Built in plenum silencer for noise reduction
  • Plenum lifting handles for access to filter cartridge
  • Vacuum blower for high static pressure
  • Over 100 cfm of blower cfm air movement
  • Power supply cord, all MBA models using this dust collector include a service cord pigtail for on-off control

VAC-110-400 Dust Collector | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

The VAC-110-400 Dust Collector is best in class – as are all our collectors. Vacuum blower operated blast cabinet dust collectors move only a small about of cfm from the cabinet. Visibility can lower as the dust builds up inside the cabinet unless you are operating a smaller gun size, 12 cfm and less. Unfortunately, with a smaller gun, processing time increases as does the cost of operation. The VAC-110-400 by Media Blast® includes features…



  • 110 sq.ft. MERV Tested and Certified Filter Cartridge
  • 400 CFM Class III Pressure Blower, Radial Impeller
  • 1/2 hp blower motor, 3450 rpm
  • 6’ of polyurethane 4” diameter flexible hose for attachment to any blasting cabinet
  • Removable blower plenum
  • 120-volt electrical operation
  • Service cord
  • Stability legs with lag holes to prevent movement
  • 14- and 12-gauge CRS construction, 100% welded

220-700 Modular Dust Collectors

The DC 220 and 440 – 700 cfm @ 1″ S.P. Modular Dust Collectors are two models for use with many sandblasting cabinets. These dust collectors can save space by being located in a different area from the MediaBlaster® itself. Not being attached to the cabinet can have advantages such as a smaller blasting cabinet footprint, location of the dust collector in a different room, larger dust storage filter size and easier to clean and…



  • 100% welded cabinet construction 12- and 14-gauge CRS
  • MERV certified 220 or 440 square foot filter cartridge, (s)
  • Vertical filter cartridge for increased cleaning efficiency
  • 700 cfm pressure blower using a 3/4 hp 120-volt blower motor with blower silencer
  • Plenum chamber for less static and more blower cfm volume
  • Pneumatic Vibrator Cartridge Cleaning Cycle, air switch operated
  • Slide out dust drawer for easy dust storage and removal
  • Large service access door for easy maintenance and inspection

4 & 6 Cartridge Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors

Free standing automatic timed reverse pulse dust collectors are used for extended blasting operations, multiple guns, or multiple machine operation and or multiple daily shifts. They help reduce dust collector maintenance time and increase daily production. They can include an optional Negative Pressure HEPA After Filter commonly used for Cell Operation to increased filter efficiency but most importantly, they remove the sandblasting cabinet operator from the daily cleaning cycle for the blast cabinet that increase…

  • 4 and 6 filter models offering 880 or 1320 sq.ft. of filter area
  • Adjustable legs for lowered height to permit easy shipment to location
  • Vertical filter cartridge for increased efficiency
  • Two (2) service access doors with locking refrigerator door latches
  • Adjustable timed reverse pulse cleaning cycle controls
  • Manual pulse over-ride controls for static cleaning
  • Pulse amplification nozzles each cartridge
  • Outside manifold and controls for easy service
  • 2 blower combinations for high static blowers used with abrasive blasting machines with and without pneumatic conveyors and separator reclaimer
  • Magnahelic monitor gauge for monitoring filter cartridge dust load
  • Blower silencer for 80 db blower operation
  • Large hopper dust storage capacity
  • 20 gallon contained dust removal drum with slide gage
  • Dust inlet plenum
  • Integrated vacuum cleanup assembly with hose, nozzle, bracket and slide-gate on off control
  • Leg floor lag pads