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220-700 Modular Dust Collectors

The DC 220 and 440 – 700 cfm @ 1" S.P. Modular Dust Collectors are two models for use with many sandblasting cabinets. These dust collectors can save space by being located in a different area from the MediaBlaster® itself. Not being attached to the cabinet can have advantages such as a smaller blasting cabinet footprint, location of the dust collector in a different room, larger dust storage filter size and easier to clean and service.

Modular Dust Collectors Features

Both the 220 and 440 use the same welded dust collector filter cartridge chamber with the same exact footprint but they are assembled in modular design to allow many different configurations. Each uses the MERV Tested and Certified Filter Cartridge with 220 or 440 sq.ft. of filter area for single or dual cartridge filters. Your application decides the number of filter cartridges you want - remember that double the filter are equals 1/2 the maintenance. It also decides the blower configuration; single and dual filters are standard with 700 cfm pressure blower assembly.

The DC 220 or 440 include a removable shovel dust drawer for easy dust removal, standard. This construction allows you to replace the drawer if dust is still inside the unit acting like a shovel to scoop up the dust.  A 700-cfm radial class III pressure blower assembly that also includes the blower silencer is standard with this model. Blowers that move air make noise and these two dust collectors move air so the blower silencer is included.

Modular Dust Collectors Recommendation

It is advised that operating the DC 220 or DC 440 also includes an internal blast cabinet separator reclaimer to remove the dust and spent abrasive from the abrasive being recycled. Without a viable separator reclaimer this type of dust collector will lower the abrasive recycle rate by simply removing the good abrasive from inside the blasting cabinet in minutes considering it to be dust.

All filters are vertically mounted to save space, but also understand when using any blasting cabinet vertical filter cartridges are superior to horizontal and favored by air pollution control agencies for the use with abrasive blasting cabinets.

The inlet hose is listed as an option. This is because the location of the unit is unknown. Purchase as required, but know that this is special hose for abrasive conveyors capable of higher static pressures and low wear without collapsing.

Add available options to include hopper dust storage and extended legs, 2 hp blower or automatic cleaning cycles.

Why Choose Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc.?

When it comes to abrasive blasting and surface preparation, there's no better choice than Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. Our industry-leading equipment and decades of experience make us the go-to source for professionals in a variety of fields. One of the key features that sets us apart from the competition is our Modular Dust Collectors - they help ensure a clean, safe and efficient working environment for our customers. Plus, our team of experts is always available to help you select the right equipment and provide ongoing support and maintenance. Choosing Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. means choosing excellence in every aspect of our service.

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  • 100% welded cabinet construction 12- and 14-gauge CRS
  • MERV certified 220 or 440 square foot filter cartridge, (s)
  • Vertical filter cartridge for increased cleaning efficiency
  • 700 cfm pressure blower using a 3/4 hp 120-volt blower motor with blower silencer
  • Plenum chamber for less static and more blower cfm volume
  • Pneumatic Vibrator Cartridge Cleaning Cycle, air switch operated
  • Slide out dust drawer for easy dust storage and removal
  • Large service access door for easy maintenance and inspection


  • 4 each post casters, easy assembly required to stability leg, post hole supplied shipped boxed for customer assembly
  • 5” flexible polyurethane duct hose, sold by the foot
  • Air pulse control in addition to vibrator cleaning cycle, used when vibrator is cycling for added cleaning ability
  • Automatic timed vibrator cleaning cycle
  • Bolt on hopper and leg assembly for dual cartridge 440 model. This permits dust discharge drum location under the storage hopper, includes dust release slide gate, does not include dust discharge drum
  • Dust discharge receiver
  • 2 hp 1100 cfm blower on dual cartridge 440 sq.ft. model
  • Polyester filter cartridges, can be remove, cleaned and replaced
Model Name:

220-700 and 440-700 Modular Dust Collectors

Machine Type:

Single (220) and dual (440) filter modular dust collector

Filter Area & Type:

220 or 440 sq.ft. modular dust collector – single vs dual filter cartridge – MERV tested and certified


Blower CFM:

700 cfm @ 1” S.P.

Additional Blower Info:

700 cfm Class III Pressure Blower, aluminum non sparking impeller standard, upgrade to 2 hp 1100 cfm blower on dual cartridge 440 sq.ft. model

Additional Information

Compact cartridge dust collector for blasting cabinet with older bag type dust collector


120-volt single power

Paint Specification:

Environmentally friendly, high-grade polyurethane high gloss paint. Standard colors include MBA beige and high gloss light gray. Custom color matching is available using customer supplied color sample, please call 866-204-7068 for pricing.


Any blasting cabinet

Key Features:

standalone – pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle – blower silencer – optional casters, optional hopper bottom dust storage and more

220-700 440-700 440-1100
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700 CFM @ 1” S.P. and 1100 CFM @ 1” S.P. 24” x 32” 24” x 62” x 54”H Filter Cartridge
220 or 440 Sq.Ft.
Wood crate
300 lbs
220-700 440-700 440-1100
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700 CFM @ 1” S.P. and 1100 CFM @ 1” S.P.


24” x 32”


24” x 62” x 54”H


Filter Cartridge
220 or 440 Sq.Ft.


Wood crate
300 lbs