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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Wet Media Blast® Cabinets

The first blast cabinets manufactured used a wet slurry accelerated using compressed air. This was an easy way to control dust, but when dry cabinets entered the market using high frictional heat, they almost totally replaced wet cabinet blasting. Today, more and more applications require wet slurry or wet vapor blasting due to its elimination of the frictional heat that can damage delicate parts. A few wet blasting applications include critical plating, chemically clean part surface, no abrasive impregnation into the part surface, and aircraft part cleaning with the least surface removal. If you require a wet blasting cabinet make sure you purchase a stainless-steel cabinet.

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With almost 50 years of experience, our vast expertise can help you find the right wet blasting cabinet for your application, Industrial Hurricane or home or shop HydroSlurry®. Give us a call at 866.204.7068 with any questions or comments regarding our standard line of abrasive blasting cabinets, products, or services.

Hurricane Wet Vapor Blasting Cabinet – Abrasive 80 Mesh and Finer, 2 & 3 HP Pumps

The Hurricane wet vapor blasting cabinet is a simple-to-use, proven technology now gaining popularity in today’s marketplace. Many applications today require a wet blasting cabinet that uses ultra-fine abrasives and eliminates frictional heat for delicate composites. Our cabinet is considered industrial sandblasting equipment since it can operate in excess of one hour per day using a production gun size consuming 25 to 90 cfm of compressed air per minute. Important Features The Hurricane™ Wet Slurry…



  • 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge Stainless Steel cabinet construction
  • Bolt-on machine hopper, replaceable
  • Drip resistant door construction
  • Lockable refrigerator door handle
  • Advanced LED Cabinet lighting
  • Safety glass view window with positive sealing window molding
  • Perforated stainless steel work grates with supports
  • Foot operated blast control valve with treadle pedal
  • Safety door interlock
  • 3/8” tungsten carbide nozzle standard
  • Long wear abrasive hose
  • Safety door interlock
  • Precision air-regulator, air filter/water trap with gauge
  • Timed window wash assembly
  • 2 hp sealless slurry pump, non stainless
  • 8” diameter work ports with one-piece cloth lined rubber gloves
  • Cabinet overfill valve
  • Cabinet drain
  • Single power source electrical, 3 phase
  • Catalyst paint

HydroSlurry® Wet Blaster | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

The HydroSlurry® wet blaster cabinet is a vapor blasting machine by Media Blast®. If you’re thinking about equipping your shop with an affordable wet slurry blaster cabinet check out our stainless steel HydroSlurry® vapor blasting model built for a lower Daily Duty Cycle (DDC). It is available in three standard cabinet sizes plus the 2420 bench top model. Choose the cabinet size right for your application. We only offer this model in stainless steel slurry cabinets,…



  • Stainless Steel Slurry Cabinet
  • Ground Fault (GFI) Power Cord
  • 1/2 hp Slurry Suspension Pump
  • Independent Power and Pump Switch
  • Mist Blower with Decant Filter for a legal negative pressure wet blasting cabinet
  • Dual Foot Pedal Controls, Blast and Window Wash
  • Advanced LED Cabinet Lighting
  • Stainless Perforated Grate Overlay
  • Easy to Service Pump Assembly
  • Stainless Main Drain Valve, Stainless Water Drain Valve Stainless Decant Valve
  • 1% to 15% and higher Abrasive Suspension
  • Positive Abrasive Agitation Lines
  • Positive Slurry Pressure Supplied to the Gun
  • Gun Holding Bracket
  • Safety Door Interlock Switch
  • Window Wash System, two function
  • Spray Gun Assembly for part wash
  • 13” x 24” Positive Sealing Clearview® View Window
  • All Air Controls with easy to use operator’s control panel
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, cfm usage customer choice, 20 cfm @ 80 psi standard, 16 cfm @ 80 psi available
  • Long Wear Abrasive Hose
  • Refrigerator Door Latch, locking

HydroSlurry® Wet 2420 SS | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

The HydroSlurry® 2420 SS vapor blaster is a great choice  when you need a space saving, compact, and stainless steel top loading cabinet.  Media Blast has been manufacturing Industrial Wet Blast Machines for almost half a century. We first offered the Hurricane Industrial model in the late 70s, and have added the cost-effective HydroSlurry® model with submersible pump offered in four different cabinet sizes.  All models are manufactured in stainless steel. The Industrial Hurricane operates…

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Ground Fault (GFI) Power Cord
  • Mist Blower with Decant Filter for legal negative pressure cabinet with great visibility
  • Easy to Service 1/6 HP Pump Assembly with Dual Outlets
  • Positive Abrasive Agitation Lines
  • Positive Slurry Pressure Supplied to the Gun
  • Foot Operated Blast Pedal, Movable
  • Advanced LED Cabinet Lighting mounted outside
  • Separate Light Switch for easy service
  • Independent Power and Pump Switch
  • Stainless Perforated Grate Overlay
  • Brass Main Drain Valve
  • Brass Water Only Drain Valve, 1/2”
  • 1% to 15% Abrasive Suspension
  • Gun Holding Holster
  • Manual Window Wiper Squeegee
  • 13-1/2” x 15-1/2” Positive Seal Safety Glass View Window
  • All Air Controls with Air Filter/Water Trap for air control protection
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, 16 cfm @ 80 psi standard
  • Long Wear Clear Abrasive Hose
  • Adjustable Door Latch with Lock Open Holding Latch