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Mediablaster® Cabinets
By Media Blast®
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Automation and Special Media Blast® Cabinets

If you’re looking for Automation, Special Cabinet Layouts and One-Of-A-Kind blasting machines you’ve found the right place. These custom-built cabinets can exponentially increase productivity and revenue, but they do require a direct dialog between the manufacturer and the user. Additional, it’s essential that the manufacturer have extensive model capabilities, e.g. (wet, dry, siphon, direct pressure, etc.), and the expertise required to utilize exotic abrasive types such as plastic, soda, and shot in addition standard abrasives. Without either of these, you may not get the right machine abrasive delivery, air filtration or features necessary for your application, which can cause excessive maintenance and operating costs.

Media Blast Cabinets Training

Prior to shipping, special machines are tested and run at our Brea, California factory by the customer to allow our staff to provide a quick and simple training tutorial including operation and machine maintenance. This also ensures that any necessary changes can easily be executed prior to shipping.

Please use the form below to start a dialog with Media Blast’s team of experts so we can create the file that details your application requirements, budget and estimated costs. Because Media Blast offers every type of abrasive delivery in standard models from Light Duty to Full Industrial we are able to use our 40 years of experience to supply you with the right features to accommodate your special needs.