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Cobra Stage II Siphon by Media Blast® Spotlight

Cobra Stage II Siphon by Media Blast® Spotlight

The Media Blast® Cobra Stage II Siphon Mediablaster® is a complete machine that includes the necessary features for superior abrasive blasting. This makes it the ideal choice for a smaller blasting cabinet that can still produce excellent results. The blower, gun, dust collector filter size, and separator reclaimer are all matched to the cabinet size. So this machine has great visibility and efficient part processing for those small shop DDC, Daily Duty Cycle.

Three Exceptional Cobra Stage II Siphon Mediablaster® Features

  1. The standard gun size of the Cobra Stage II is 20.76 CFM at 80 psi. This is the normal blasting pressure for glass beads based on the maximum impact velocity of the abrasive.
  2. The dust collector on this machine allows 30 air changes per minute and the high-quality separator reclaimer ensures superb visibility. This high rate of air flow is achieved by ensuring that all the dust, and only the dust, is removed from the usable recycled abrasive.
  3. A 110 square foot pneumatically cleaned filter cartridge comes standard and makes for effortless dust collector maintenance. These filters are MERV Tested and filter out the small fine dust that blows out and all over your shop with the competition’s dust collectors.

Cobra Stage II Siphon Mediablaster Image

Pro Tip: A negative pressure cabinet and dust collector using a great separator reclaimer allow users to open the door on this siphon Mediablaster® without fear of dust and debris following the door opening.

The Cobra Stage II Siphon Blast Cabinet by Media Blast® comes standard with the features seen above on this View Sheet.

We also make the Cobra Stage I using a smaller blower and smaller blast gun size for smaller air compressors. Stage I still has all the same controls including the same dust collector as stage II, only the blower and gun size are smaller.

To Sum It Up

We are Media Blast®, the only company making Mediablasters® for almost half a century. We sell complete machines with all the controls needed for professional-grade abrasive blasting. If you’re in the market for a blasting cabinet, visit our Buying Guide or give us a call. We’d love to help you buy the right machine for your application.

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