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CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers Are a Cut Above the Competition

CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers Are a Cut Above the Competition

Media Blast® CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers produce Better Looking, more Detailed results while improving your bottom line. This is because our machinery design technology is guided by more than a Half-Century of making Abrasive Blasting Cabinets.

Media Blast® Cabinet Designs are Rooted in Science

All Media Blast® abrasive cabinets, including the line of CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers are built on basic science principles. You get faster part processing using a harder, sharper, faster cutting abrasive. On the Moh mineral hardness scale, Diamonds are 10, Silicon Carbide is next to diamonds at 9.5, and Talc is one (1).

Silicon Carbide is sharper than aluminum oxide, cuts faster, and when it breaks it breaks into sharp pieces always remaining as very sharp pieces until it’s finally time to change out, purge, all the worn-out abrasive at the same time. While Silicon Carbide naturally occurs in nature as Moissanite, it is very rare, most used is synthetically made.

A cheaper alternative is Aluminum Oxide, which gets dull and loses its edge. Go to any hardware store and see Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide sandpaper. Silicon carbide is the hardest and it is more expensive, but worth the higher cost if you have good equipment.

How does Silicon carbide help CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers?

Silicon carbide Sandcarves parts faster by cutting quicker. Two teaching philosophies existed at first, one was to slow the cutting process down allowing people to learn the process, the other was using the best product learning how great Sandcarving is done sooner than later. You can use what you learned here to help you decide. Many people start with slower aluminum oxide and quickly change to the faster, lower-dust Silicon carbide.

How does the CrystalBlast® machinery make a better more detailed part?

The CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers are the only line offering models that recycle all the fine abrasives to include 180 and 220 mesh. When you use these fine sizes, as small as 50 microns, understanding 220 is also 40 to 50 microns in size, know the smallest size the human eye can see is 40 to 50 microns, you need a CrystalBlast® machine to use these fine sizes or it will not be recycled but sent to pack the dust collector creating a mess.

Simple, using finer abrasive mesh sizes allows the use of a thinner film size. The thinner film size has a smaller film shadow line created by the vertical height of the film, making the part shadow line much cleaner and crisper looking to the human eye.

CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers are the Gold Standard in Sandcarving

The CrystalBlast® line is the only Sandcarver model line you can buy today and use with the ultra-fine abrasive sizes, but know they can also use the larger 100, 120 and 150 mesh sizes if you want to blast something fast with lower detail like bricks!

CrystalBlast® Machines will not lose the finer abrasive sizes to the dust collector, and they have a true running machine cabinet air change of one air change per second or about 60 times a minute. Other machines will suck the finer abrasives directly into the dust collector, create poor cabinet visibility with low air changes per minute, and finally plug dust collector filter with good abrasive stopping the air flow out of the cabinet. This creates a messy work area.

The CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers have great visibility without losing these fine abrasives to the dust collector, know this is something other Sandcarver Manufactures can’t offer. That is another reason these manufactures want you to use a lower cost larger abrasive size. They can’t recycle and keep the ultra-fine 180 and 220, 50 microns, inside the cabinet!  

Come and operate CrystalBlast® Sandcarvers which sandcarve faster, use sharper Silicon Carbide Abrasive, in abrasive sizes that create a better-looking part with finer part detail! When you use better tools, you always end up with a better-looking end product and hopefully more revenue, too.

Media Blast has been making abrasive blasting cabinets for more than half-a-century. Over that time, we’ve learned the nuances of blasting, and that experience has guided our machine designs. To learn more about our CrystalBlast sandcarvers, please click here or contact us for more information.


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