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9 Things to Know About Maximum Abrasive Velocity

9 Things to Know About Maximum Abrasive Velocity

What do we mean by maximum abrasive velocity? Simply put, it’s the fastest you can propel abrasive against a part without the abrasive exploding into smaller, useless pieces.

Pro Tip: When you’re using a Siphon delivery method you also need to be very careful about the air pressure you use. Nearly all abrasives will reach maximum impact velocity in a siphon blasting cabinet using 90 to 100 psi blasting pressure, 50 psi using direct pressure abrasive delivery.

9 Things to Know About Maximum Abrasive Velocity & Blast Cabinets

  1. Siphon velocity and pressure velocity are different at the same blasting pressure.
  2. Most abrasives delivered using siphon reach maximum impact velocity at 90 to 100 psi.
  3. Most abrasives delivered using direct pressure reach maximum impact velocity at 50 psi.
  4. Glass beads can normally impact a steel part and bounce off at 80 psi using siphon and 40 psi using direct pressure. Higher blasting pressures will fracture and break beads that lesson the recycle rate.
  5. Plastic abrasive can be used in siphon and pressure machines.The type of machine depends on the type of application.
  6. Exceeding maximum impact velocity can occur with all abrasive types, even steel shot, grit and cut wire.
  7. Impact velocity lessens, as the part being cleaned gets harder. Most impact velocities are measured using CRS (cold roll steel).
  8. Exceeding maximum impact velocity will quickly overload any machine dust collector
  9. Abrasive recycle rate (time used) is more the lower the blasting pressure used.

To Sum It Up

If you try to blast at a speed that exceed’s your abrasive’s maximum impact velocity you’re going to decrease visibility inside your cabinet, waste abrasive, and create a big mess. If you think you’re running into this problem, our experts are happy to help guide you through choosing the right abrasive and velocity for your application.