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Precision Blast Micro Cabinet Spotlight

Precision Blast Micro Cabinet Spotlight

The Precision Blast Micro abrasive blast cabinet increases production and reduces abrasive usage using patented abrasive recycle that allows only dust to enter the dust collector. The cost saved in recycling abrasive alone is a significant benefit of this machine. Another factor that drives people to purchase this model is the small machine footprint, which accommodates both smaller laboratories and larger production facilities.

Pro Tip: The Precision Blast Micro abrasive cabinet can be used to both de-burr and texture medical tools remembering that direct pressure blasting also allows through-hole processing making the part an extension of the nozzle.

Benefits of the Precision Blast Micro Cabinet

  1. Equipped with smaller abrasive flow controls needed for finer abrasive.
  2. Abrasive delivery is 1.1 pounds per minute.
  3. Patented separator reclaimer aerates 80 – 220 mesh abrasive for uniform flow.
  4. Recycles costly abrasive up to 100 times.
  5. Increase production while lowering labor cost using a faster micro-blasting machine.

All Media Blast models, including the Precision Blast Micro blast cabinet, come equipped with many standard features and also have a wide variety of optional features that can be added to save operator-processing time. This is the complete list of Precision Blast Micro standard features and available options.

To Sum It Up

The Precision Blast Micro abrasive blasting cabinet cabinet can decrease operation costs and increase productivity using its 1.1 pounds of direct pressure abrasive flow per minute. The smaller footprint is ideal for spaces that cannot accommodate a large production machine but do require a clean work area. If you want to know if the Precision Blast Micro cabinet is right for your application visit our Buying Guide.