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Mediablaster® Cabinets
By Media Blast®

Sand Blasting Cabinet Selection Made Easy!

Sand Blasting Cabinet Selection Made Easy!

Media Blast® manufactures many sand blasting cabinet types ranging from different Daily Duty Cycles (DDCs) to different abrasive delivery methods. We also manufacture our own line of dust collectors and blowers. This means we can offer the right sand blasting cabinets right for almost any dry blasting application. Our large equipment line has standard Models in eight different abrasive delivery machine categories which makes it easier to navigate to the machine specifically created for your project.

The Right Sand Blasting Cabinet for You

We offer Wet, Dry, Siphon, Gravity Feed, Direct Pressure abrasive delivery in our blasting cabinet models. We have special machines for Micro blasting, Soda blasting, Plastic abrasive, Steel Grit and Shot blasting. Our tumble barrels are perfect for processing parts in batches. Our expertise means we sell sand blasting cabinets designed to address each buyer’s unique needs including: 

  • Sand Blasting Cabinet Size Requirements
  • Wet or Dry Applications
  • Compressed Air Usage and or Air Supply Available
  • Daily Duty Cycle (DDC) for your application
  • Abrasive Type and Mesh Size Used
  • Efficient Separator Reclaimer creating abrasive recycle and dust removal
  • Correct Dust Collector and Blower Size for Clean and Efficient Machine Operation and Visibility

Take Advantage of our Sand Blasting Cabinet Buying Guide

It can seem overwhelming when you first see our full machine catalog, but don’t worry. If you aren’t sure where to start, use our Buying Guide to narrow down your selection. Using our Buying Guide will help make sure you are looking at the right equipment model for exactly your needs.

Our “Buying Guide Demo Video” shows you how to use our Buying Guide making sure you are choosing the right sand blasting cabinet model. Each time you make a logical choice about your application, you are taken closer to the model you really need.  

ProTip: Buying any sand blasting cabinet based solely on a “first established budget cost” usually results in buying the wrong equipment. The most important single factor in buying a machine is your Daily Duty Cycle (DDC). Once we identify that, then we can narrow down the machines that will work for your needs. Industrial Machines typically cost more money to purchase, but they can quickly deliver a return on that investment in certain situations. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t paint a house using a 1″ brush just because it is cheaper to buy than a roller. 

To Sum It Up

At Media Blast & Abrasives we know the ins and outs of sand blasting cabinet manufacturing. Our products are best in class compared to our competitors because we design with the end in mind. We understand blasting cabinet DDC and manufacture Light Duty and General Purpose Models for that exact reason. You cannot supply what you don’t make, and Media Blast® manufactures over 170 different sand blasting cabinets. We want to make sure you get the right machine model the first time.

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