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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Testing Sandblasting Cabinets Before You Buy

Testing Sandblasting Cabinets Before You Buy

Did you know Media Blast® offers machine demos? We don’t mind prospective buyers testing sandblasting cabinets because we want to help people buy the right machine the first time. 

Which Machine is Right for Me?

Each application is unique and thus requires a certain combination of machine features to perform at the highest level. Our Mission Statement has always been to help people buy the “Right Machine Model the First Time” based on the user’s described application and DDC, Daily Duty Cycle.

Media Blast’s vast catalog of wet and dry Mediablasters® includes specific machines designed for precise applications. If you’re not sure which machine is the right fit for your needs, you can check out our Buying Guide online, or contact our team of expert blasting specialists.

Set Up a Demo: Testing Sandblasting Cabinets

Once you think you’ve figured out which machine you want to purchase, you can often set up a demo. Our sales department sets up testing sandblasting cabinets at our manufacturing warehouse located in Brea, California. This gives users the opportunity to see, touch, and operate a blasting cabinet with the exact compressed air available to them, and a model that fits their application and budget.

Real World Example: Most people agree it’s best to test drive a car before you purchase it. In the ideal world, a sandblasting cabinet should offer you the same opportunity.

Media Blast® is a Trusted Brand

When you buy a Mediablaster® from us, you’re getting a quality piece of equipment designed to perform at the highest levels. We have a long history of creating abrasive blasting cabinets for some famous partners. And yes, we’ve been setting up opportunities for testing sandblasting cabinets as long as we’ve been in business.

Five examples of our mediablasters at work in the real world are:

  1. We helped keep the head on Big Bertha’s Graphite Shafts in the early 90s
  2. We Wet Blasted Medical Implants for a start-up companies in the early 90s
  3. We Shot-Peened Dental Clips to prevent choking problems by making them stronger
  4. We Surfaced Finished Mirrors for the Moon 
  5. We helped to clean Bunny-Luv’s Carrot Peeling Mandrils in the mid-90s 

To Sum It Up

This isn’t our first rodeo, Media Blast® has been manufacturing Abrasive Blasting Cabinets for Almost Half-Century. We know the value of buying the right machine the first time, and so we are happy to try to arrange a machine demo if you are in our area. Testing sandblasting cabinets is one way to ensure that the machine you purchase is going to fit your application within a set budget and any environmental constraints.

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