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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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What are Industrial Blasting Cabinets?

What are Industrial Blasting Cabinets?

Abrasive Blasting touches everyone’s life in some way. Industrial Blasting Cabinets help manufacture many products around the world. And you may benefit from some of these things every day without knowing it.

Industrial Blasting Cabinets

This category embraces an extensive array of sandblaster cabinets, making it one of the most inclusive collections of machines. These machines can operate over long periods every day and process parts quickly. Media Blast’s Industrial Blasting Cabinets are fully customizable with a variety of features to increase efficiency and return on investment. Media Blast & Abrasive’s Industrial Sandblasters are designed to meet production numbers because we understand the correlation between time and money.

7 Uses for Industrial Blasting Cabinets

Industrial blasting cabinets are used for all kinds of fascinating things! Here are just a few:

  1. Abrasive blasting was used to make the mirrors placed on the moon in the 1970s
  2. Peening aircraft jet engine blades makes them stronger and safer
  3. Glass bottle manufacturing of all types uses Mediablaster® processing
  4. Cleaning suede cloth and other sensitive materials
  5. Manufacturing golf clubs
  6. Manufacturing medical devices and medical implants like spinal implants and arterial blood patches
  7. Blasting techniques used in high-performance racing allows engines to start the race with great wheel rim lock surfaces and finish the race with parts made stronger

Real World Example: Media Blast & Abrasive made the first blasting cabinet for Callaway Hickory Sticks. The company was later sold and appeared as Callaway Golf. We also helped keep the head on Big Bertha Graphite Shafts many years ago.

Industrial Abrasive Blasting it is about History and Past Applications, and not who appears in Google on the first page with paid ads. At Media Blast® we make every type of Abrasive Delivery Blasting Cabinet, including Industrial Blasting Cabinets. We have more than half-century of application history and we have the right machine for your application which saves you time and money.

ProTip: Media Blast & Abrasive has a deep History and Knowledge of the Abrasive Blasting industry. It’s key to have good communication between the user and the manufacturer which ensures the end-product is right for it’s task. So if you’re in the market for a new cabinet, check out these four tips for buying an Industrial Blasting Cabinet.

To Sum It Up

Calling a “blast cabinet” a “Media Blast Cabinet” without the registered trademark or permission to use our name, is like calling a vending machine hamburger a BigMac®! If you have questions Industrial Blasting Cabinets then you should contact us today.

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