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Buying Guide | Micro or Dry? | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

Micro or Dry?

Micro Industrial Blasters- Media Blast Cabinets

Micro Blast

Select Micro
  • Simply installing a small nozzle on a blasting cabinet does not make a micro blast machine
  • Ideal for small, delicate parts these models keep the compressed air volume and frictional heat low
  • Used for blind hole, through hole or part de-burring
  • This type of equipment recycles 50 micron abrasive and larger using the patented abrasive separator reclaimer aerator, keeping the abrasive flowing

Not all applications use or need large amounts of compressed air for part processing. Equipment used on a daily basis may require ergonomics for sit-down operation or other features to produce a clean operating area for laboratory use.

Micro blast machines can be siphon or direct pressure depending on the application but the abrasive flow controls must be constructed for low flow control of much smaller abrasive volumes. Media Blast makes and offers both siphon and direct pressure micro models in stand-up or sit-down models.

Making this selection will take you to the next step, selection of the abrasive delivery type.


Dry Blast

Select Dry
  • Most common blasting cabinets are dry
  • Available in light duty, R&D and production models for low to high daily duty cycle
  • Frictional heat created allows faster cleaning
  • Doubling the compressed air usage can triple the production in the same time
  • Available in both siphon and direct pressure models with and without pneumatic conveyors
  • Different models for large aggressive and ultra-fine abrasives

Dry abrasive cabinets are the most common type of blasting cabinet found in the market today. Frictional heat and the ability to use larger and larger gun sizes make dry equipment the fastest cleaning.

Matching the gun size, dust collector size and duty cycle is key to having a clean operation. The Media Blast line of siphon, direct pressure and gravity feed models offer the right model for your application.

Media Blast also offers both internal abrasive storage and external abrasive storage using a pneumatic abrasive conveyor to transfer abrasive outside the cabinet for recycle.