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Buying Guide | Dry Siphon or Dry Direct Pressure?


Dry Siphon | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

Dry Siphon

  • Available in a variety of different machine duty cycles
  • Can operate continuously and almost all automated machinery used today is siphon delivery
  • The most common type of sandblasting cabinet used today and the simplest to operate and maintain.
  • Compressed air volume usage determines the cleaning speed and frictional heat, light duty use smaller gun sizes and production models use larger gun sizes with machine features matched to the gun size.
  • Siphon machines are the best sandblasting cabinet type for general part cleaning because they have the widest spray pattern. This works best when removing paint and rust , welding discoloration and many other regular surface cleaning applications. Easy to run, easy to operate and they can operate continuous without stopping.
  • Siphon abrasive delivery can normally exceed the maximum impact velocity of almost all abrasive types
  • Industrial Production siphon units are never light duty, low cost machines and they are always matched to user supplied application notes, if you choose a machine from a catalog without knowledgeable information it will most likely be the wrong machine

Siphon (aka suction) blast cabinets are the most common type of abrasive delivery system sold in the market today. Inherent advantages over direct pressure systems include wider blast pattern, ease of operation, reduced maintenance and open to atmosphere abrasive storage meaning they are never stopped to refile a pressure pot assembly.

When using the same volume of compressed air and the same abrasive velocity the siphon blast will normally outperform the direct pressure machine when processing standard parts.

Siphon can be the least expensive to purchase and easiest to operate when the application is for normal part processing and cleaning. Media Blast has many Siphon products that come standard with new certified cartridge filtration and a long list of part handling options.

Dry Direct Pressure

Dry Direct

  • Most common blasting cabinets are dry
  • Available in light duty, R&D and production models for low to high daily duty cycle
  • Frictional heat created allows faster cleaning
  • Doubling the compressed air usage can triple the production in the same time
  • Available in both siphon and direct pressure models with and without pneumatic conveyors
  • Different models for large aggressive and ultra-fine abrasives

Dry abrasive cabinets are the most common type of blasting cabinet found in the market today. Frictional heat and the ability to use larger and larger gun sizes make dry equipment the fastest cleaning.

Matching the gun size, dust collector size and duty cycle is key to having a clean operation. The Media Blast line of siphon, direct pressure and gravity feed models offer the right model for your application.

Media Blast also offers both internal abrasive storage and external abrasive storage using a pneumatic abrasive conveyor to transfer abrasive outside the cabinet for recycle.