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Buying Guide | Pressure Internal or External Abrasive Storage?


Pressure Internal Abrasive Storage

Pressure Internal
Abrasive Storage

  • For use with 0-150 mesh abrasive
  • Stores the abrasives inside the cabinet and reduces machine cost and maintenance
  • Uses the internal separator reclaimer to remove dust and spent abrasive from the system
  • Typically used for Steel Shot and Steel Grit, will work with any abrasive 150 mesh and larger
  • Doubles the abrasive speed at any blasting pressure over siphon… can often exceed maximum impact velocity for most abrasives
  • Include the most advanced type of dust collector and filter cartridge with semi-automatic cleaning cycles
  • Production direct pressure units are never light duty low cost machines and always matched to user supplied application notes, if you choose a machine from a catalog without knowledgeable information it will most likely be the wrong machine

An Internal Abrasive Reclaimer is used to recycle and clean the abrasive during machine operation, which reduces the machine operating cost. Worn abrasive and dust is sent to the dust collector for disposal, usable abrasive is recycled back into the machine storage hopper for re-use. While they are most effective on 150-mesh abrasive and larger, they can also be used with plastic abrasive.

All MBA Internal Reclaimers are bolted on and replaceable in minutes.

Pressure External Abrasive Storage

Pressure External
Abrasive Storage

  • Will operate with almost any abrasive type and size but ideal for operation with fine and ultra-fine abrasive
  • Uses a pneumatic conveyor to dry and aerate fine abrasives to keep them flowing
  • Pneumatic conveyors work well with fine abrasives that have low friction and conveyor wear
  • Uses an external abrasive pot location to permit larger pots for longer pot run time
  • Includes a tuning valve on the storage hopper to allow adjustment of the dust size being removed from the abrasives

External Abrasive Reclaimers (aka cyclone separators and pneumatic conveyors) are essential when the abrasive is fine or ultra-fine (150 mesh and smaller). The ability to contain the abrasive is unique to this type of high efficiency separator.

External separators help dry the abrasive and introduce air into the abrasive mix for proper abrasive flow to the gun. Pneumatic conveyors remove the abrasive from the cabinet each time the abrasive exit the blasting nozzle and are used with many specialty abrasives, i.e. (plastic or soda), to maintain better cabinet visibility.

When the cabinet size is large and multiple hoppers are needed, the standard height pneumatic conveyor is almost always used regardless of the abrasive type or mesh size. Using this type of separator will produce the smallest abrasive usage in pounds per hour.

Although this type of separator can handle larger abrasive, we recommend using the internal type separator to reduce the cost and reduce the maintenance when using large cutting abrasives.