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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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Restrictions & Warnings | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

Abrasive Restrictions & Warnings

Never use a poor-quality, low-recycle abrasive or silica sand in any media blast equipment. The rapid and continuous breakdown of poor quality abrasives will reduce cabinet visibility and overload the dust collector on any blasting machine. Silica sand can be a health hazard when used in a blasting cabinet and the use of silica sand voids the warranty on all media blast equipment.

Tornado-specific Restrictions & Warnings

The Tornado self-contained units are not for use with spark producing applications. Never mix metals and never use for permitted applications. The Tornado self-contained units are for the collection of nuisance dust only and for the protection of the operator’s environment. Look to the Tornado workstation for special dust collection requirements.

The Tornado worktable stations are to be used with central dust collector approved for operation with the dust collection application. The Tornado tables are an easy, inexpensive solution to operator workstations and create the needed directional airflow to protect the operator and environment.

R/P 880 and 1320-specific Restrictions & Warnings

The R/P 880 and 1320 are available with Hepa after filter for increased dust collector primary filter efficiency and/or cell operation. This option ensures Hepa filter operation but is not certified Hepa filtration. Published Dust Collector Silencer Sound Ratings are determined by room construction materials, room size, and Silencer Model Installed. The Blower Size used for the machine model with internal machine static pressure can also change the running sound level. The numbers listed are general guidlines only.