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Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster Machine Spotlight

Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster Machine Spotlight

If you’re in the market for a soda blaster, we’ve got three machines that you should check out: the Cobra Stage I, the N-200 Stage II and the Blizzard Stage III. Each of these soda blasters is built to fit specific soda blasting needs, so you have the right machine for your application.

ProTip: Choosing the correct machine Daily Duty Cycle, Stage I, II or III is the most important decision any user can make when using soluble soda as the blasting media.

Meet the Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster

The Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster by Media Blast® is a cost-effective soda blaster for smaller hand-held parts that require a soluble abrasive to eliminate contamination problems. The smaller footprint requires less shop floor space and two doors allow placement in different locations that a single door machine often does not permit. It’s not designed for high-volume part processing, but it’s a great soda blaster for small, intermittent jobs.

Three Unbeatable Soda Blaster Features

The Cobra Stage I MediaBlaster® is small but mighty! Media Blast is known for manufacturing the best soda blaster machines because we offer a wide range of features that give operators an advantage. Here are three features that set the Cobra Stage I apart from other home shop soda blasters.

  1. Our All-New GhostFlow®soda delivery system has low compressed air usage, low soda usage and a patented separator reclaimer.
  2. The unique soda dropout system with patented separator prevents the used soda from transferring into the dust collector. This allows longer sandblasting cabinet operation before dust collector service is required.
  3. The Dust Collector on the Cobra Stage I has two cleaning circuits; pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle and the air pulse cleaning cycle. These can be operated together or independently. The All-New EasyClean Cartridge Filters are special material making cleaning fast and simple.

In Conclusion

If the Cobra Soda Stage I Soda Blaster fits your application needs, it’s the right choice for budget-conscience soda blasting. As with any blast cabinet, it’s important to pick the machine that best fits your Daily Duty Cycle. For intermittent use and a clean work environment, there’s no better choice than the Cobra Soda Stage I mediablaster.

If you’re curious if the Cobra Soda Stage I is the right machine for you, please reach out to our team of experts.