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CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Pro is one of the leading sandcarving machines on the market. It comes standard with all of the features necessary for professional-level sandcarving, what is called “Value for Dollar Spent”. Among these standard features are 100% welded cabinet and 90 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector, ergonomically correct design, 50-pound pressure pot with access port, and more. Additionally, there are optional features such as an inline ambient air drier and blow-off gun, which allow users to fully customize this media blaster to fit their unique needs.

What Sets the CrystalBlast Pro Apart

  • A powerful 550 cfm Class III dust collector blower and MERV tested and certified cartridge filter dust collector
  • A patented separator reclaimer to efficiently prevent loss of abrasive to the dust collector during sandcarving applications using fine detailing 180 mesh and larger abrasive
  • The dual door design also allows for easy access from both sides of the cabinet or fitting any location using only the right or left side access door
  • Three, (3), Pro Models are available; Pro, ProX2 and ProX2 CE

What Sandcarving Industry Leaders Say about the CrystalBlast Pro line

According to IKONICS Imaging, the leading national Total Solution supplier for all sandcarving needs, the CrystalBlast Pro is one of the most popular workhorse sandcarving cabinets. One of the features that sets this blast cabinet apart from its competitors is that it includes the 550-cfm blower and patented separator reclaimer for great visibility with a 90 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector.

To Sum It Up

It’s nearly impossible to beat the CrystalBlast Pro with a competitor’s sand blasting cabinet due to this machine’s superior engineering and technical features. If you’re looking for a blast cabinet that can produce high-quality, professional-grade products, you can’t go wrong with this Media Blast® machine. Yes, it can include an optional “Up and Down Hydraulic Package” for people that want the adjustable height feature.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right sandcarving cabinet, we can help! To see if one of the three CrystalBlast Pro models is the right machine for your application, check out our buying guide or contact our customer support team by email or phone.  We work together with IKONICS Imaging to make sure you know the complete CrystalBlast line.