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Hydroslurry 2420 SS Mediablaster® Spotlight

Hydroslurry 2420 SS Mediablaster® Spotlight

The HydroSlurry 2420 SS is a wet (vapor) blasting cabinet manufactured by Media Blast®. It’s a great, space saving, stainless steel, top loading mediablaster®. 

What Are Vapor Blasters?

Vapor blasters, also called wet blasting cabinets, suspend abrasive media in a slurry which is used to process parts. Some people may not know this, but historically wet abrasive delivery predates dry abrasive delivery – learn more!

Pro Tip: Wet machines are used to ensure a chemically clean part surface for critical plating, no abrasive impregnation into the part surface, minimum part surface removal during blasting, a water cushion to prevent tooling damage and more.

Media Blast is one of the few companies that has always made Wet Abrasive Cabinets. We didn’t outsource them after the rise of dry abrasive delivery systems. So, we know that wet cabinets are crucial to certain applications. Specifically those that require the elimination of frictional heat, chemically clean part surfaces, and remove only surface coatings and not the actual surface of the part.

For more information about vapor blasting, check out our FAQs About Wet Blast Cabinets blog. 

3 Things that set the Hydroslurry 2420 SS Apart 

Our HydroSlurry stainless steel cabinet is a wet blasting machine that is ideal for automotive applications, restoration projects, and much more. The 2420 SS machine is a clean, compact, vapor blasting cabinet to fit in a smaller work area. The 2420 SS has many features others don’t have like: 

  1. Negative Pressure Cabinet with Mist Collection Blower and Filter for great cabinet visibility and a safer cleaner work area.
  2. Top Loading, Space Saving Door with a Hold Open Door Latch.
  3. The all-stainless-steel cabinet construction includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty for your protection.

If you’re looking for a wet (vapor) blast cabinet to produce a great looking part finish, processing delicate composites using zero frictional heat, 3-D part processing wet, automotive and motorcycle restoration, no abrasive impregnation into the part surface or just an uncontaminated surface for critical plating and coatings, look to Media Blast® to supply the right mediablaster® for your specific application. 

To Sum It Up

When it comes to wet mediablasters, look no further than Media Blast & Abrasives! The 2420 SS offers a clean compact blasting process for a small area. In addition to a long list of standard machine features, we also offer add-ons, making it possible to customize your exact mediablaster. 

In addition to the HydroSlurry 2420 SS wet blasting mediablaster we offer the HydroSlurry 3630 and Hurricane wet machine. If you’re looking for additional information, blast cabinet parts, or the user manual for any of our Hydroslurry machines, contact us here.