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IKONICS: Superior Photoresist Films for Sandcarving

IKONICS: Superior Photoresist Films for Sandcarving

Nestled in the heart of the Northland, IKONICS has been an international leader of imaging technologies for more than 65 years. Made in America and distributed globally, IKONICS Imaging supplies customers an unmatched line of sandcarvers, automated washout units, photoresist films, crystal products, and training.

IKONICS’ revolutionary line of CrystalBlast sandcarving cabinets are designed and engineered in partnership with Media Blast & Abrasive. The clean and hassle-free CrystalBlast machines include patented CleanFlo technology and range of standard and optional features. These cabinets are perfect for any project ranging from hobbyists to large-scale production.

The Leader in Photoresist Film

IKONICS Imaging recognizes the lifeblood of any sandcarving operation is the photoresist film. The finest equipment and the most talented operator are rendered incompetent when the photoresist fails to perform, ruining valuable substrates, wasting critical time and compromising profitability. The most successful sandcarving businesses recognize this as imperative. IKONICS Imaging has spent more time, more research and development dollars, more intellectual property and more corporate energy developing its world-leading line of photoresist films than any of its competitors.

IKONICS RapidMask Dry-Process Photoresist Film

IKONICS offers the most innovative mask material in the world – RapidMask, the world’s ONLY dry-process photoresist film available on the market. There’s absolutely NO WASHOUT required. This dry processing, self-adhesive film is available in both 2 mil and 4 mil thicknesses. Not only does RapidMask photoresist film provide an effortless sandcarving experience, this film holds extremely fine-detail and has a strong blast resistance. Watch our simple sandcarving video and see how easy sandcarving can be with RapidMask.

(Video Credit: IKONICS)

Beyond state-of-the-art equipment and films, IKONICS Imaging provides unmatched hands-on training on both high-and-low production processes and an online training center. We also offer a full line of glass and crystal items for carving on our website to ensure the ultimate one-stop-shopping experience. Visit IKONICS Imaging onlinetoday!