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Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

Media Blast Hailstorm Blast Cabinet

The Hailstorm by Media Blast is a direct pressure sandblast cabinet designed for use with plastic abrasive and includes many features specific to working with this abrasive medium. This means you don’t need to rely on information about upgrades or adding additional options to a direct pressure machine to make it work correctly using plastic abrasive.  The Hailstorm will also work with many other abrasive types but specifically designed for plastic media. This media blaster is ideal for production applications, those that require one or more hours of daily operation.

ProTip: Plastic abrasive typically does not alter the surface of the substrate being processed and it also doesn’t work harden the part surface.This is beneficial when processing parts or removing paints or powder coatings that have a chemical pretreatment underneath the topcoat.

 Hailstorm Benefits Include:

  1. Plastic is almost double the volume over normal abrasives and requires a larger pot size, which comes standard with the Hailstorm model.
  2. Because plastic is double the volume of normal abrasive it only requires half the volume for machine operation. This means the cost of plastic is really only half of the selling price per pound.
  3. The inclusion of a pneumatic abrasive conveyor allows the use of many different pressure pot sizes.
  4. Direct pressure has a faster abrasive velocity but can easily exceed abrasive impact velocity
  5. Plastic cleans faster by greatly reducing frictional heat that often only softens coatings
  6. Plastic can clean without changing the metallurgy, does not work harden the part surface when used properly.
  7. All direct pressure machines concentrate the abrasive in the nozzle, the Qwikstrip nozzle widens the pattern for faster cleaning with a larger nozzle pattern.
  8. Maximum plastic impact velocity using a direct pressure machine is 40-45 psi.
  9. The Hailstorm model has three (3) available top designs: square top with insert window for maximum cabinet door size, 17-degree expanded top for tall parts and 40-degree window slope for low parts and direct operator site view.

All Media Blast models, including the Hailstorm direct pressure blast cabinet, come equipped with many standard features and also have a wide variety of optional features that can be added to save operator processing time. This is the complete list of Hailstorm standard features and available options.

To Sum It Up

The Hailstorm is set apart from the other Direct Pressure Blasting Machines in Media Blast’s PowerStrip line because it is designed to operate with plastic and includes all the features needed for the best performance using that specific abrasive type. Customers can confidently purchase the Hailstorm knowing it has all the right machine features for plastic abrasive applications. This model is great for military projects and all applications requiring plastic abrasive part processing.

If you want to know if the Hailstorm is right for your application visit our Buying Guide.