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AquaBlast Elite 2.0 Washout | Media Blast & Abrasives, Inc.

The AquaBlast® lineup consists of three (3) Mediablaster® machines each designed for a specific need. The AquaBlast Elite 2.0, industrial sandblasting equipment, is considered a production-capable unit. Our patented design is top-of-the-line, just like the CrystalBlast Elite 2.0 Sandcarver. It has all stainless-steel cabinet construction including the lower cabinet with the largest washout surface area (900, fastest washout time and highest washout pressure; all with very low water usage.

The new *patented design eliminates dry pump operation commonly found on units with non-pressurized design open to atmosphere including large water holding tank. All the controls are ergonomically located for ease of operation including the large cycle pressure and temperature gauges.

AquaBlast Elite 2.0 Washout Important Features

The Elite 2.0 sandblasting cabinet also includes other important features like stainless -steel braded hoses and lines, manually operated drum jog control switch, safety door interlock, observation view window, cycle timer-jog-emergency stop and cycle controls, oversized manifold for balance washout, lockable machine casters, fork lifting channels, 1-1/2" gravity drain with air gap and much more.

The AquaBlast Elite 2.0 blast cabinet with its patented design combines high pressure performance with low water usage to become the first truly "GREEN" automatic film washout machine. The new Elite is the answer to wasted water and costly water heating bills today by using up to 80% less than conventional units on the market. Did we mention it can pay for itself in the cost savings for heated water alone?

Why Choose Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc.?

When it comes to sandblasting, there are plenty of companies out there to choose from. However, Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. sets itself apart with its commitment to quality and innovation. Our AquaBlast Elite 2.0 Washout system is the latest example of this dedication. This cutting-edge technology helps ensure that every product that leaves our facility is up to our high standards of performance and craftsmanship. Plus, our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to offer guidance and support, no matter what your sandblasting needs may be. So why choose Media Blast? Because we understand that your success depends on quality, and we're passionate about delivering it.

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If you’re looking for washout machine parts or the user manual for this film washout model, contact us here.

  • 100% welded stainless-steel washout and cabinet construction
  • 900 film washout drum 15” x 50” expandable to 18” x 50”
  • Constant speed drum rotation gear motor assembly
  • White powder coated film drum 6.28 sq.ft.
  • 6 each low flow fan jets with fanjet protector screens
  • *Patented faster film washout
  • Large balanced water flow manifold, adjustable and expandable
  • Hand washout gun
  • Cycle timer, emergency stop, cycle, jog control, light switch, water pressure and temperature gauge
  • Safety door interlock switch
  • Stainless-steel washout chamber with balanced hinged part load
  • Stainless-steel double pan top mount for 100% water capture
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Solid state timer control
  • Jog control
  • Locking casters with cabinet fork lift channels
  • *Patented 3.9 gallon per minute water usage @ 250-270 psi
  • Magnetic film holding magnets
  • 1.5” water drain with air-gap
  • Master water inlet on-off valve
  • Quick access lower front and rear cabinet panels
  • Stainless-steel braided water lines
  • Cycle view window with water tight window molding
  • LED cycle lighting
  • UL approved parts
  • Panel mounted single inlet water blending water valve with temperature gauge
  • Panel mounted high flow water sediment filter, sized for daily machine operation
  • Portable sump pumping station for areas without drain
  • Operates on On-Demand water heater, ask for details

NOTE: Standard Features are included with every model. Available Options can be added at additional cost and may require custom machine work, which may increase machine delivery time.

*US 9,682,585 & US 10,221,567

Model Name:

AquaBlast Elite® 2.0

Machine Type:

Patented Elite 2.0 has no equal: fastest washout, largest washout area, uses 80% less heated water

Water Pressure:

Up to 270 psi

GPM Usage:


Designed For:

Production film washout machine

Washout Chamber

Stainless steel

Drum Size:

750 sq. in. washout zone with 900 sq. in. drum

Additional Drum Specs:

15″ x 50″ expandable to 18″ x 50″ up to 900 square inches

Power Supply:

18 amps (requires GFI) UL approved parts


220-volt single phase requires 220 – volt single phase GFI circuit breaker

Key Features:

The AB Elite 2.0 washout machine is simply the fastest film washout you can buy – all stainless cabinet including the lower chamber – save time, save money and save heated water using this new patented low flow enclosed pressurized washout design – double pan work top for positive water control – 220 volt power requirement and all the controls you want

Paint Specifications:

Environmentally friendly, high-grade polyurethane high gloss paint. Standard colors include MBA beige and high gloss light gray. Custom color matching is available using customer supplied color sample, please call 866-204-7068 for pricing.

Rotation drum is white powder coated for durability.

AquaBlast Elite 2.0®
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15" x 50"
Expandable to 18" x 50"
Up to 900
45"W x 35"D x 59"H 220 volt- 1-Ph w/low voltage controls
Requires GFI
710 lbs
AquaBlast Elite 2.0®
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15" x 50"
Expandable to 18" x 50"
Up to 900


45"W x 35"D x 59"H


220 volt- 1-Ph w/low voltage controls
Requires GFI


710 lbs