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Sandblasted Valentine Gift Guide

Sandblasted Valentine Gift Guide

Branch out from conversation hearts and flowers with our sandblasted Valentine gift guide. Each of these unique ideas incorporates sandcarving, an easy way to personalize nearly any penetrable surface. Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting, is the process used to produce that effect. It is one of the simplest and most accessible methods for personalizing or decorating glass, crystal, marble, stone and other surfaces.

Sandcarving Valentine Gift Guide


Treats and Sweets

Who doesn’t love fresh-baked cookies or homemade dessert? This jar or trifle bowl are the perfect addition for your favorite chef’s kitchen.

DIY etched glass bowl
Image Credit: Pinterest


Baked With Love etched on glass jar
Image Credit: Pinterest  


Say “be mine” with Barware

One of the most common items people etch with sandcarving cabinets is glassware. You can also carve wine bottles, stone or brick pavers, and metal for a custom gift that’s sure to please.

2 wine glasses with etched hearts
Image Credit: Esty


etched wine glass
Image Credit: Pinterest


Think Outside the Box

This stunning sandscarved sun catcher is a distinctive way to show how much you care. Whether you hang it in a window or outside in the garden, you’re sure to stay top-of-mind with this beautiful piece of art.

sandcarved suncatcher
Image Credit: Pinterest

To Sum It Up

Media Blast & Abrasive has been manufacturing sandblasting cabinets since the 1970s. We make more than 50 models totaling 180 individual cabinets with some models available in as many as 13 different sizes. In addition to a comprehensive list of included features, we offer more than 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety.

Over a decade ago, Media Blast introduced the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving and film washout machinery, which raised the bar on all sandblasters. We offer Entry Level, Value for Dollar, and Advanced Ergonomics models, and our sandblasters are available with special units for Artistic Panels, Blasting outside the Box with no protection tape and cabinets of almost any size, and any duty cycle required for home shop to advanced high production or high flow facilities.

If you’re not sure what cabinet is the right fit for your needs, give us a call or visit our Buying Guide.