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Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet Spotlight

Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet Spotlight

The Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet by Media Blast is a simple to use older technology now gaining applications in today’s marketplace. Many applications today require wet blasting, which uses ultra-fine abrasives and eliminates the frictional heat that can damage delicate composites.

Pro Tip: If you need a chemically clean part surface for critical plating, no abrasive impregnation into the part surface, minimum part surface removal during blasting, a water cushion to prevent tooling damage or just need to use abrasive at 5000 mesh sizes, look to the Hurricane for the solution.

The Hurricane uses a seal-less pump to agitate the abrasive and water into a slurry mixture. This design produces the highest ratio of abrasive to water, making it much more productive than machines that use air agitation or small urethane pumps. The slurry mixture is pumped directly to the abrasive blast gun where compressed air pressure accelerates the mixture to the desired pressure rating. The Hurricane pump is available in all Stainless Steel Pump including the motor shaft.

Benefits of the Hurricane Wet Blast Cabinet

  1. The Exhaust Blower and low-velocity scrubber/filter maintains a negative cabinet pressure that prevents the cabinet mist from escaping during the blasting application. This feature is a requirement for machine construction; some wet machines being sold have a positive pressure inside that doesn’t meet code.
  2. During operation a fresh water timed window rinse assembly provides continuous operator visibility through the operator view window. Windshield wipers belong of cars not blasting machines.
  3. The cabinet light is located outside the blast cabinet and uses all new water proof LED flood lighting.
  4. Media Blast offers the Hurricane machine in five standard cabinet sizes with two different window slopes, 40 and 17 degree. All Hurricane models are constructed using 12 and 14 gauge 304 stainless steel.
  5. All cabinet parts coming in contact with the abrasive slurry mixture are constructed using stainless steel with the exception of the cast iron seal-less slurry pump with cast iron. All Hurricane wet blasting machines can be ordered with optional stainless steel pump that includes the motor shaft, riser, impeller and volute.

All Media Blast models, including the Hurricane wet blast cabinet, come equipped with many standard features and also have a wide variety of optional features that can be added to save operator processing time. This is the complete list of Hurricane standard features and available options.

To Sum It Up

The Hurricane wet abrasive blast cabinet is one of the only wet cabinets 100% manufactured in the US. Many applications in the medical, aerospace and dental industries require wet blast cabinets. If you want to know if the Hurricane is right for your application visit our Buying Guide.