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Can you Sandblast Outside the Box?

Can you Sandblast Outside the Box?

It might seem a little strange for an abrasive blast cabinet manufacturer to be writing about how to sandblast outside the box, so to speak. Some people call this “manual blasting” but it is also known as “hand-eye directional blasting” and there are some very real benefits to this technique.

Why would I want to ditch my sandblast cabinet?

The truth is a lot of time can be saved by simply sandblasting outside the box with the proper set up. Blasting outside the cabinet requires part fixturing outside, it does not require the operator to load and unload parts and it also allows really great visibility. But when you only need a percentage of the total surface to be blasted, this method can save lots of time and expense.

Real World Example: Let’s say you need to sandblast a critical ID burr created by cross-drilling or a driveshaft spline preparation for the coating to eliminate the often-heard high wear “CLUNK”.  Our open-cabinet design allows the operator to use the fixture rather than having to hold the part by hand while aiming the gun and the viewing window provides another layer of protection.

How Does an Open Cabinet Compare to an Automated Cabinet?

With the proper safety switches and the correct outside fixturing, you can really increase part production. One of the big benefits of open cabinets over total automation is that automation requires downtime for machine maintenance, and even with automation you still need an operator. Remember most automation is sandblasting about 150% to 200% of the part surface to ensure the entire part is processed, and that means wasted time and money. Many different applications exist allowing the operator to sandblast outside the cabinet. If you think you have just such an application, give us a call and talk to us about the feasibility of blasting outside the box because we are always thinking about different approaches and custom solutions.

To Sum It Up

The time saved sandblasting can be well worth the investment it takes to purchase a special layout blasting cabinet for part processing. Are these cabinets found on the shelf as a standard model? No. And it can be hard to find a reputable manufacturer willing to create them.

But these one-of-a-kind machines can make up for their additional up-front cost and then some by reducing labor costs and increasing part production over the long term. Our team members are happy to discuss an outside-the-box sandblast cabinet to meet your blasting needs, contact us today.