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Charger Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

Charger Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet Spotlight

The Charger Direct Pressure Abrasive Blast Cabinet is designed for Production operation, which we consider one (1) hour or more of daily machine operation using a production gun size consuming about 45 cfm of compressed air. The capacity to store dust with ease of service is what makes this machine the right choice for Production operation. Additionally, a larger dual filter option is available for higher daily operation or larger abrasive gun size.

Benefits of the Charger Direct Pressure Blasting Cabinet

  1. Pressure machines, like the Charger, require less blasting pressure to create the same abrasive velocity as siphon machines during operation. They produce faster abrasive particle velocity, higher abrasive grain density on the part and greater abrasive frictional heat.
  2. The Charger machine model will operate with the heaviest of blast media, steel shot and steel grit as well and all standard abrasives.
  3. The negative pressure dust collector on this machine uses the most advanced cartridge filtration and effortless pneumatic cleaning cycle assembly. This design ensures a longer duty cycle, cleaner work area and longer blower service life.
  4. Manufactured using 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive escaping into the workspace
  5. Impressive list of Standard Features and Optional Features.

To Sum It Up

The Charger direct pressure blasting cabinet is a great choice for applications using glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, plastic as well as heavy steel shot and steel grit. This allows the machine to be used for cleaning and shot peening and because it’s direct pressure it will reach into blind holes, cross-drill holes and other locations a siphon can’t reach. This machine is available in three standard cabinet sizes to accommodate many different part sizes being processed.  It has a side mounted dust collector to save valuable floor space inside smaller facilities.

To see if the Charger is the right blasting cabinet for your needs, visit our Buying Guide. If you’re looking for a model that can do it all, the Charger is most likely the best choice you can make. Know that direct pressure machines are not the same as siphon machines and direct pressure is the only type of machine capable of shot peening parts.