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Mediablaster® Cabinets
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CrystalBlast Pro Stage II Mediablaster Spotlight

CrystalBlast Pro Stage II Mediablaster Spotlight

Meet the new CrystalBlast Pro Stage II mediablaster®! The CB Pro Stage II features simple-to-use controls so it can operate in any language. And its side mounted dust collector fits through standard doorways.

What Sets the CB Pro Stage II Apart?

The three CrystalBlast Pro Models (Stage I, II and III) use the same cabinet size and the same dust collector cabinet with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle. The Pro Stage II includes a right-side access door and 0.8 cubic foot ASME coded pressure pot with service access port. It also has ahigh-pressure long wear Lexair Industrial Abrasive Flow Control Pinch Valve. These are just a few of the advanced features introduced to the market with our line of CrystalBlast machines.

5 Awesome CrystalBlast Pro Stage II Machine Features

All of our Mediablasters include an extensive line of standard features and additional options. These optional features may necessitate additional costs, some custom machine work, and increased machine delivery time. 

  1. 110 sq.ft. of MERV tested cartridge dust collector with effortless pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle 
  2. A large 550 cfm exhaust blower 
  3. Dust collector service access door
  4. Window sweep to help eliminate dust on the window
  5. Advanced LED Cabinet lighting

To Sum It Up

The CrystalBlast Pro Stage II cabinet is a great sandblasting cabinet. The CB Pro Stage II is an easily operated, high-quality, ergonomically designed Sandcarving machine. In addition to a long list of standard machine features, we also offer extensive add-ons. This makes it possible to customize your exact mediablaster. 

In addition to the CB Pro Stage II we also offer the CB Pro Stage I and CB Pro Stage III. If you’re looking for additional information, blast cabinet parts, or the user manual for any of our machines, then contact us here.