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Efficiency and Safety: Blasting Cabinets with Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Efficiency and Safety: Blasting Cabinets with Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Some of the safest and most efficient sandblasters can be blasting cabinets with automatic cleaning dust collectors. This is both with and without HEPA After Filters. This is because no blasting cabinet is dustless, not even a wet blasting cabinet. And machine operators should understand what safety features are required based on the blast cabinet manufacturer, Air Pollution Control Agencies, and OSHA. Do not believe all the lack of safety information you find online.

Does my Application Require an Automatic Cleaning Dust Collector?

When you think about a blasting cabinet for any application, you want to think about the Daily Duty Cycle (DDC), the required output volume, and the most important feature: the Dust Collector Efficiency. Most of our production capacity Media Blast® cabinets are available with optional, if not standard, automatic cleaning dust collectors. This is because doubling the compressed air volume used will then triple the output volume due to the increase of frictional heat at any set blasting pressure. Buying a non-industrial machine because it fits your budget can cost you up to 9 times more in labor dollars and payroll taxes. By the way, that is much higher than a onetime cost of a more expensive machine.

5 Factors that Determine if you Need Automatic Cleaning Dust Collectors

Blasting cabinets have different gun cfm sizes and there is a safety factor about maximum gun cfm size. Knowing when you require larger dust collectors or automatic cleaning dust collectors, or even when HEPA After Filter is needed, is our business. We factor in the following important variables, just to name a few, to help determine whether an automatic cleaning dust collector is required for safety and efficiency in your specific application:

  1. Air changes per minute
  2. Dust collector filter area
  3. Maximum gun cfm size
  4. Separator reclaimer efficiency
  5. Rules and Regulations

Can I Just Use a Standard Dust Collector?

If your application needs automatic cleaning dust collectors to remove the operator from servicing the dust collector, then you can’t get around that need. It would be like buying a truck with a too-small engine to haul freight across the United States. The job will likely get done behind schedule and with poor results if at all.

What About HEPA After Filtration?

HEPA After Filtration is made as both Negative Pressure and Positive Pressure. While Positive Pressure is less expensive, when a seal breaks it will push dust into the area. At Media Blast and Abrasive, we only offer Negative Pressure HEPA After Filters. This is because if a seal fails it will simply pull surrounding air into the filter. Learn more about HEPA Filtration here.

To Sum It Up

If your safety and efficiency requirements indicate that you need automatic cleaning dust collectors, then we’ll help you select the right machine and dust collector for your application.

You can use our efficient Buying Guide to help you narrow down your selection and if you’re still not sure which machine is best for you, please reach out.

Media Blast® manufactures over 170 different machine models to supply any application in the abrasive blasting industry. But there are only one or two most correct machines for any given application that take into account abrasive delivery and cabinet size. Knowing how to direct you to the right machine the first time you purchase is our highest priority.

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