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Finding the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinet for Your Needs

Finding the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinet for Your Needs

So you’re looking to buy an abrasive blast cabinet, but you don’t know what machine is the right fit for your needs. Not to worry, we’re here to help you buy the right machine the first time and avoid having to make a second, costly purchase.

Abrasive Blast Cabinet Tree of Life


Dry: Siphon or Direct Pressure

Direct Pressure: Internal or External Separator Reclaimer

The basics of abrasive blasting are all about compressed air. Compressed air is what drives the abrasive particles and determines the time required to blast a part. As compressed air usage increases, the blasting pressure increases and so does the frictional heat. A tightly focused pattern of abrasive also increases the frictional heat allowing some direct pressure machines to simulate plasma cutting.

When you match the amount of compressed air used to an appropriately sized dust collector, the end result is a working machine that falls into one of these three main categories:

  • Light Duty: abrasive blast cabinets for home garage workshops
  • R&D: fast cleaning cabinet that doesn’t require prolonged daily operation
  • Industrial: cabinets that process parts fastest and can run for long durations

Production category cabinets require the best possible dust collectors for proper operation. Direct pressure abrasive delivery can blast the thickest of coatings and blind hole pockets, but these applications also require a production-grade dust collector. Operating without one will result in a cabinet that fails when the dust collector is overcome.

To determine which kind of cabinet is right for you, use our handy Buying Guide or contact our team. We’ll help you select the right machine for your application the first time.

ProTip: Try to avoid cabinets that are described with words such as “Heavy Duty” or “Rugged” and feature large photos of the machine. Instead focus on the specifications for the dust collector and separator reclaimer including information about the filter area size and blower cfm used by the dust collector. Buying a well made, appropriate sized dust collector can nearly double the cost of the abrasive cabinet, but it’s worth the additional money.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast manufactures the largest line of Siphon, Gravity Feed and Direct Pressure abrasive blasting cabinets with categories for Light Duty, Automotive, Sandcarving and Industrial abrasive blasting. We also offer specialty cabinets for use with soda and plastic abrasive and custom-built cabinets for unique applications. All of our machines are made right here in the USA and our team of experts are standing by to help you buy right the first time.