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How Come Other Brands Sell Media Blast Cabinets?

How Come Other Brands Sell Media Blast Cabinets?

Have you ever come across another website selling Media Blast Cabinets and wondered if those are some of our machines? It’s likely they aren’t. Media Blast® only has a select few authorized retailers and all other machines are sold directly to consumers. Many companies use our name to describe their abrasive blasting equipment as MediaBlasters® because our Patent Registered Brand Name has become a Trade Name.

Our Media Blast Cabinets

Media Blast manufactures 11 Categories of blasting cabinets and blast-related machines. We offer eight, (8), different abrasive delivery types consisting of Wet and Dry models using Siphon, Gravity Feed, and Direct Pressure Abrasive Delivery in sixty, (60), separate models for 5% to 90% Daily Duty Cycle (DDC). The DDC is often referred to as Light Duty, R&D General Purpose, and Industrial.

We have 170 separate pieces of equipment from bench-top to room size, not counting Special Layouts, and can recommend a machine (or two) for every unique sandblasting application. This is particularly useful for more exotic abrasives which we can accommodate in addition to the more prevalent glass beads, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide that most cabinets use.

Not only is our brand name a trade name, we created many of the terms and model names used in our industry like Micro Blaster, MediaBlaster®, GhostFlow® Soda, CrystalBlast® Sandcarver, HydroSlurry® and more

More Than A Name

Though you may find machines that claim to be Media Blast Cabinets, many of our machines are Patented and can’t be copied! This is particularly true of our Sandcarving cabinets. Our Film Washout Equipment, the AquaBlast® and the AquaBlast Elite®, is incredibly eco-friendly compared to previous water-hog technology. We cut water usage by over 60% compared to competitor’s models, and process film faster which reduces total heated water costs by almost 80%.

Best in Class Media Blast Cabinets

It might be hard to believe, but Media Blast® has been creating an archive of Solutions to Blasting Applications for more than 52 years. This is information you can’t buy; it comes from more than half a century of experience in the abrasive blasting industry.

Our commitment to manufacturing the best-in-class solutions for every possible sandblasting application is why Blasting Machines that were once mis-described as “Sandblast Cabinets” are now known as media blasters.

Real World Example: Other brands that have become trade names include COCA-COLA®, KLEENEX® and, XEROX®, JACUZZI® and JET SKI®.

New From Media Blast

We recently introduced Daily Duty Cycle, DDC, to the sandblasting industry to hopefully minimize the confusion over “Heavy Duty, Industrial and Robust” cabinets. Our blasting cabinets come standard with dust collectors that match the blasting application’s DDC. This means our dust collectors match the cabinet size, blower cfm, separator reclaimer, dust collector filter area, and dust collector cleaning cycles to the gun cfm. The end result is a Daily Duty Cycle for all Media Blast Machines that can easily be compared during the purchasing process.

To Sum It Up

From the day our doors opened, our goal has always been to help customers buy the right machine the first time. A few simple questions about your application can save you the headache of buying a machine that isn’t up to the task you have at hand. Contact us to learn more.